April 26 2011,

Pseudanthias pictilis is a showstopping specimen of anthias which was once widely regarded as THE anthias to have in your reef. Both males and females of Pseudanthias pictilis have amazing coloration which is dominated by an anterior body which is more than half fuchsia pink. Back in the day the painted anthias collected for the trade were thought to come from Palau but nowadays most of them come are believed to come from Tonga.

What makes Pseudanthias pictilis particularly desirable is their large size which makes them much easier to feed aquarium foods than some of the pickier purple queen-style anthias. Painted anthias adapt well to captivity and they can get almost as large as the popular pink square anthias, Pseudanthias pleurotaenia. Quality Marine is showing off a superb batch of these fish that are ready to ship to your LFS provided that they have large enough tanks to house the hefty painted anthias. Give a look at Quality Marine’s recent shots of the painted anthias showing how beautiful both the male and female Pseudanthias pictilis really are.



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