August 1 2011,

Green branching Psammocora is an incredibly hardy and easily colored stony coral and now it will be available captive grown from Oceans, Reefs and Aquariums. ORA announced the availability of their ‘Kelly Green Psammocora’ which has been in culture for over a decade as it was first collected in Palau in 1994. The Kelly Green Psammocora is a great choice for beginner and nano reef owners as Psammocora corals are some of the hardiest around when provided with a reasonable amount of flow and light. The emerald green coloration of this Psammocora strain is a nice deep green with more lime colored tips and edges where the coral is growing fastest.

Strains of branching green Psammocora have been around the trade for years yet its dual branching and massive growth forms makes it somewhat difficult to affix a specific identification to this coral. Several months back we wrote about orange branching Psammocora that was being imported from Fiji. With the widespread availability of orange and green branching Psammocora it will now be possible for Miami Hurricanes fans to have a nice patch of a hardy orange and green branching stony coral.



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