August 29 2011,

Without question, the ORA Red Planet table acro is one of the most widespread and popular strains of table Acropora that has ever been released by ORA, or anyone else for that matter. Seems like just yesterday we were ogling our first piece of the Red Planet acro at the Atlanta MACNA, shortly after it was released for sale to the public, and we’ve since seen it innumerable times growing in SPS and Acro reef tanks across the country.

The reason for the popularity of the Red Planet acro is simple: it grows fast, it is durable and it holds a color closest to red than any other Acropora strain that is available in the US. In a few short years the Red Planet table acro will join the ranks of the green slimer and cali tort as some of the most popular strains of Acropora grown in North American reef tanks. Although the hobby has had access to the Red Planet for only three years, ORA’s been growing this beautiful table acro for five years – the whole process is documented in a recent post on the ORA blog showing the Red Planet when it was a wee frag in September 2006 at left to the honking mother colony in the image above taken this summer.


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