April 12 2012,

AquaBeam 600 Ultra Fiji

AquaBeam 600 Ultra Fiji

The AquaBeam 600 Ultra Fiji is the first striplight from Tropical Marine Centre (TMC) which brings the highly prized Cree Royal Blue LED to the AquaRay line of aquarium LED strip lights. Whereas the first all-blue TMC AquaRay used a Cree LED with a color close to Cyan with an emission peak close to 510nm, the Cree Royal Blue brings out totally different colors with an emission peak near 445nm. The color of the Cyan LED is more of blue-green, but in North America reefers love deep blue LEDs – using the royal blue in conjunction with the Cyan strips will excite a wide range of fluorescent pigments. The AquaBeam 600 Ultra Fiji is 12 19.5 inches long, 12 watts, dimmable through the use of the TMC AquaRay controller and should retail for under $150. [Quality Marine]


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