September 26 2012,

Safety Stop is a new product from Blue Life USA which is billed as “instant fish quarantine”. The veterinarian-formulated Safety Stop is the first commercial product to offer the benefits of dipping fish in a solution which helps to knock off and kill a broad range of common reef fish parasites. Safety Stop is especially formulated to treat saltwater and freshwater ailments including Ich & Cryptocaryon, Velvet, skin, gill and eye flukes, Chilodinella, Brooklynella, Uronema, Turbellarians and many more. While its certainly better to quarantine all new fish before putting them in the aquarium, some aquarists simply cannot have a dedicated quarantine aquarium and using a prophylactic fish dip like Safety Stop is better than not doing anything at all. 

Even in the case of using a quarantine aquarium to house and condition new incoming reef fish, some delicate species like fairy wrasses and anthias don’t take too kindly to being constantly bathed in noxious formalin and/or copper. With some trial and error it may be better for delicate reef fish to be quarantined in an aquarium separate from the main display but instead of being constantly treated, they could be carefully dipped in a product like Safety Stop every few days to knock back potential parasites.

Safety Stop consists of two separate dips, a part A and a Part B which should not be mixed but instead are like a one-two punch against external infections. Each part of Safety Stop should be diluted into its own gallon of aquarium water and can be used multiple times for a period of several hours before needing to be discarded. While the die hard reefers will most likely opt to go through a full length quarantining period, retailers and aquarium maintenance service companies could see huge potential in the use of the instant fish dip Safety Stop. Blue Life USA will be showing off Safety Stop instant fish quarantine solution at MACNA and it will retail for $4.99 per package.


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