October 19 2012,

The Dr. Seuss fish is without a doubt one of the coolest fish to become somewhat available to aquarists just this year. As much as we’ve covered this species recently don’t be fooled into thinking this fish is any more common; just this weekend at House of Fins SPLASH sale is when we got our first look at a Dr. Seuss fish in real life.

It seems like we’ve shared a ton of photographs of the elusive Belonoperca pylei but hardly any videos of this deep water reef gem have been uploaded to the interwebz. Like any good reef animal that is this post worthy you can be sure that we made a point to capture some up close footage of HoF’s Dr. Seuss fish, producing perhaps one of the first video of this species in captivity!

The coolest thing about the Dr Seuss fish is how personable it is in an aquarium. Despite being somewhat shy, HoF’s B. pylei came out and stayed out to feed on ghost shrimp, affording us a clear line of sight from the camera lens. The other really neat feature of this fish is not just it’s unusual spots but also how the overall pattern is distributed on the elongated body and arrow-shaped head. This very expensive Dr. Seuss fish is out of most reefers price range but due to the popularity of this arrowhead soap fish species we are beginning to see more imports of Belonoperca chabanaudi, the darker and much more affordable counterpart from the Philippines.


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