November 28 2012,

The CETO Wave Maker is a new “wave making” device with the ability to hang on the side of the aquarium while oscillating your pump of choice. Coming from aquarium product manufacturer CETO from Taiwan, the “wave dance machine” as it is mechanically translated is not unlike similar products available in the past and the more recent Sea Sweep that we thoroughly reviewed.

Due to the language barrier it is hard to discern specifics about the CETO wave maker like maximum pump size, cost and any kind of controllability of the oscillating frequency. What does strike us about CETO’s pump mover is an attractive build quality, red and white may not be the most discreet product to have hanging on the side of your tank, but it does appear like some novel parts were molded and some thoughtful engineering went into it.

We don’t expect that the CETO Wave Maker will make it out of Taiwan to foreign American markets as is since we don’t really know of any CETO dealers that ship their products to Europe and Asia. What is however more probable is that if CETO’s wave maker does go into production we could see other brands pick up the device for their aquarium line much as we have seen with dosing pumps and chillers from C-Blue and AquaHouse.



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