December 7 2012,

Warner Marine ecoBAK NWF (non-woven fiber) is an extremely interesting concept, take a widely popular carbon dosing solution such as biopellets and reshape it into “biopellet sheets”. Those sheets now perform the same functions as biopellets but can be used in totally different applications such as canister filters or below the drain of your overflow. Now, when we first heard about these Warner Marine ecoBAK NWF “biopellet sheets” we imagined crude fibered unbendable blocks, but Warner Marine has actually managed to create extremely fine fibered bendable sheets akin to filter socks. It is really quite impressive, not to mention just plain cool.

The Warner Marine ecoBAK NWF “biopellet sheets” are still in developing stages, but Warner Marine has been busy testing the prototypes. Phosphate removal at this point seems to be less effective than actual biopellets, but surprisingly nitrate removal seems to be about the same. Considering that the fiber structure Warner Marine ecoBAK NWF sheets appear to be  similar to filter socks we’re a bit concerned about clogging but only time will tell. The ecoBAK NWF sheets can be used in both salt and fresh water and could probably also work great for applications such as ponds. Pricing and release date are unknown, but we will be sure to update on the Warner Marine ecoBAK NWF “biopellet sheets” as they get closer to release.


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