January 29 2013,

The Gyractor G400 is a new smaller model of the spinning biopellet reactor from Arcadia. The original Gyractor was the G1000 is on the big side, and might have been a wee bit overkill with its 23 watt Syncra Silent 1.5 churning up to a liter of biopellets. Arcadia’s release of the smaller Gyractor G400 could be an indication that reef aquarists using biopellets are starting to realize that a little solid carbon dosing can go a long way.

Capable of fluidizing up to 400 ml of biopellet media and using just an 8 watt Sicce Syncra 0.5 the Gyractor G400 stands 37cm (14.5 inches) tall. Arcadia is a brand more likely to be encountered by our European reefing siblings, who will find the £139.99 (~$219) Gyractor G400 includes the Sicce pump, tubing and a sample of Marine Bio-Pearls to get you started on your nutrient-reducing biopellet adventure. [Arcadia via Acuaristica]


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