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The Waveline DC 6000 & 12,000 are the next generation of controllable DC water pumps from Reef Life Support Systems which come with a long list of refinements. For the pump which was one of the breakthrough products of 2012 we’d be happy to see the Waveline DC series getting minor bumps in performance and cost but RLSS has overhauled the brains as well as the muscle of the forthcoming DC 6000 and DC12000 pumps.

The two next gen RLSS Waveline pumps feature a closed impeller design to increase pressure and flow, and a better volute design and better seal for external applications. The housing of the DC pumps are now thinner, with a smaller body, heat dissipating fins and improved electrical connections.

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The real improvements of the two new Waveline DC pumps is in how they can be controlled. The controller now includes two RJ45  jacks to bypass native controller with aquarium controllers such as the Apex, ReefAngel etc. The 1st RJ45 as acts as a master input and the 2nd RJ45 jack outputs the slave signal. So multiple Waveline pumps can be controlled by one master controller. Additionally, the IC chip is removed from the pump body and integrated to the controller which allows for more seamless upgrades and integration in the future.

The new controller features a display and you will be able to adjust RPM speed thru a dial instead of a static pre-program 6 speeds. There is also a USB slot  to use attached peripherals such as float switch on skimmers or photo sensor for night mode. RLSS will show off the next generation of their DC pumps at the Global Pet Expo in Orlando and the DC 6000 and DC 12,000 are expected to retail for $239 and $349 respectively, and individual pump specs are posted below. [RLSS]


– 151mm(L)x91mm(W)x127mm(H);

– Input: DC24V 3A (Converted by AC 100-240V 50/60Hz);

– Water inlet: External D: 40mm, Internal D: 32mm (1.25″)

– Water outlet: External D: 32mm, Internal D: 24mm (1″)

– Input Wattage: 50W max.;

– Flow rate: 0-6000L/Hour;

– Water height max.: 3.5m



– 180mm(L)x106mm(W)x147mm(H);

– Input: DC24V 3A (Converted by AC 100-240V 50/60Hz);

– Water inlet: External D: 50mm, Internal D: 1.5″

– Water outlet: External D: 40mm, Internal D: 1.25″

– Input Wattage: 180W max.;

– Flow rate: 0-12000L/Hour;

– Water height max.: 7m

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