March 13 2013,

The CherryAqua iNano is a really cool LED fixture with a refreshing design, that up until recently was only available within Asia, but now seems to enjoy international distribution. Reef Secrets in Australia received some units, and they were nice enough to shoot a little footage of the lights showing off its touch screen control and form factor. The fixture rocks 10 Cree LEDs, and is rated at 18 watts including the power supply. A single fixture should be able to comfortably sustain cubes up to 40cm (16inches).

In the case you happen to live in Australia, Reef Secrets is selling the fixtures at $189.95 each, and the fixtures are available for sale now on the Reef Secrets website. For more info on the light be sure to head over to the CherryAqua iNano product page on the CherryAqua website.


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