March 21 2013,

Lanthanum ‘Reactors’ have up until now been a very poorly known and specialized piece of equipment which has until now lived mostly in the ghetto-fabulous shadows. To help them make a mark on the reef scene, derKroon Mechanics has designed a reaction chamber which is specially designed to use Lanthanum to precipitate phosphate, a proper Lanthanum Reactor.

Public aquarists have used lanthanum for years as a simple liquid of Lanthanum Chloride that is added to their normally huge volumes of seawater to reduce PO4. The idea has caught on with very few reefers, partly because we have so many options, and primarily because using Lanthanum is not a mainstream practice.

The derKroon Mechanics Lanthanum reactor is a new mainstream device which helps to amplify the effects of Lanthanum phosphate reduction by concentrating the doses of LaCl into a smaller volume. As the phosphate is precipitated, the flocculants are then filtered by the filter floss of the second chamber.

You’ll need a source of Lanthanum and a low volume peristaltic dosing pump to use with the derKroon Mechanics Lanthanum reactor. Since Lanthanum phosphate reduction is still not very widespread it could be a while before we fully realize the potential of reactors like derKroon’s but for aquariums with phosphate problems, and for reefers who have a disdain for dropping fat stacks on GFO media, the Lanthanum Reactor could see a lot of real world applications.


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