April 17 2013,

If you’re looking for a skimming piece of art for your aquarium, you might want to check out the upcoming ATB Elegance 300 internal protein skimmer for your larger tank. Rated for tanks up to 3000l (approx. 800 US gallons), the new Elegance 300 is fitted with the Airstar 2250 pump that is a performance beast, pulling 2250 l/hr of air and moving 3000 l/hr of water, while consuming a meager 49W. 

The ATB Elegance 300 measures in at 690 mm tall ( 27.5 in.) with a 530 x 340 mm footprint (20 x 13.5 in.). Packed in this package, the ATB Elegance 300 shares features you’ll find in other Elegance skimmers. The skimmers are available in white, red or black and can utilize the self-cleaning system shown in the image above. The ATB Elegance 300 protein skimmer starts at around $1,599.


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