May 7 2013,

We love seeing commercial versions of the equipment in our systems and we got a bit of skimmer envy when we spied this video of the Skimz ST1000 TurboMagnum protein skimmer installed at a fish farm in Singapore. We saw the earlier smaller versions of the Skimz TurboMagnum protein skimmers, but not they have added a few more sizes to handle even the largest systems.

At nearly 100 in. tall, the Skimz ST1000 is the largest of the seven sizes offered for professional aquaculturists, commercial farms, large public aquariums, and aquatic wholesale holding units. This skimming beast is fitted with three 0.7 kW pumps that draw 14,400 liters of air per hour and can handle systems up to 21,000 gallons (80,000 liters).

A few things to note is this skimmer uses a few advancements that increase efficiency. First is what the company calls the Super Mixer Injector (SMI), which offers a 50% increase in air intake over other conventional venturis. Additionally, the advanced bubble plate technology we’ve seen in the smaller skimmers is integrated in the behemoth to reduce turbulence inside the reaction chamber.

If you notice the plumbing on what could be described as the skimmer collection cup (or collection pond in this example), there is a self-washing head that helps increase efficiency by another 30%. There is also an integrate freshwater flushing system.



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