June 14 2013,

Reefkeeping pioneer Albert Thiel has a new book out, Nano-Reef Aquariums, documenting how to care for smaller reef aquariums. Because of their size smaller, nano aquariums have become a significant part of the hobby over the last few years. But just because they are smaller, doesn’t mean they are easier to maintain.

Thiel’s new book discussed the nuances of the nano-reef aquarium discussing every topic you can think of: equipment, filtration, fish and coral, diseases, pests and supplements, to name a few.

The book is very comprehensive and as the website notes, is in “far more detail” than what is found anywhere else. Since the book was just released, it will contain a lot more current information including current topics such as carbon dosing, LED lights, ULNS and other trends.

The book retails for $42.50 plus shipping and can be ordered directly from Thiel’s website. The book packs a lot into its 448 pages and includes an extensive 11-page index.


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