Insights on LED Reef Aquarium Lighting

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  1. Avatar Zach says:

    I *LOVE* LED fixtures. Great for corals, though not all models are created equal. I recommend Orphek. They have done quite a bit of research and have optimized their design with the necessary spectral ranges in mind.

    Another fallback I realized was overusing the programming capabilities of LED units… Your reef will not respond the best by adjusting all of those settings we can now play with on a weekly basis! Perhaps this could be equated to Daylight Savings time to us humans? Took some willpower to realize that the corals will adjust and respond with time. Another one of those patience lessons.

    Just dial in your desired light program and keep it there. Think of the obvious success of MH and other fixtures… Were these programmable like LED’s? Tanks appreciate consistent water parameters. Why not extend this thinking to our lighting setup (or the very least mimic the sun)?

  2. Avatar Tom says:

    What about how LEDs effect on corals? do they have the right light spectrum?

    1. Avatar Chris Aldrich says:

      Hi Tom, thanks for stopping by and commenting!

      You’ll find opinions vary on how well LEDs can grow corals. It seems to be a love/hate situation. In recent years the technology has come leaps and bounds. Current premium offerings absolutely offer proper spectrums and output to support and grow corals.

      As with anything else, you must be wary of the cheap options as they often can’t support coral life.

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