June 21 2013,

DerKroon Mechanics is making lanthanum chloride dosing easier with the introduction of a new lanthanum chloride (LaCl3) solution and handy dosing calculator. If you recall, derKroon released a lanthanum reactor specifically designed to use LaCl3 to reduce phosphates in your aquarium and the new tools will make it a less daunting process.

To calculate your system’s need and dosing regime for lanthanum chloride, use derKroon’s calculator webpage. Just simply enter your total system volume in liters or gallons, your current phosphate level, target phosphate level and over what duration you intend to do the treatment. Hit enter and the calculator will tell you how much to dose.

The convenience does come at a price since 500 ml of derKroon Mechanics Lanthanum Chloride solution, which contains 800 mg per bottle, retails around $24 USD. As an alternative, it is easy to fin 50 grams of reagent grade lanthanum chloride online for $92 online (feel free to do the math). You can also get a smaller 250 ml bottle for around $13.

Each 250 ml of derKroon LaCl3 solution will remove 0.8 ppm phosphate in 1,250 liters of water you’ll still be saving a little over GFO.


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