July 1 2013,

The new crop of Satellite and Satellite + flexible LED strip lights and the features they come with are a big step on the path towards all LEDs being controllable all the time. There was a time when we would have poo-pooed Flexible LED strips for anything but adding some lighting effects but light emitting diodes are getting bright and cheap enough that a few flexi LEDs can do much more than let you see under the tank.

Like the Current Satellite +, the flexible LED strip light version ships with a whole host of controlling features and a wireless remote. With the click of a button you can easily program color temperature, tune in custom colors, enable storm, cloud and lightning modes and recall previously programmed colors.

The Satellite Flex + strip light system is 44 inches long, comes with a wireless remote to control a channel of 6500K white LEDs and another triple channel of  RGB LEDs for $89. The regular Satellite Flex LED is also 44 inches of controllable LEDs but only one channel each of white and blue controlled by an inline remote for $69 when they become available soon.

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