BGA Battle Plan: Controlling Cyanobacteria in Saltwater Aquariums

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  1. Avatar Bryce says:

    I have these growths in my saltwater aquarium. They are fleshy Orange bodies with white or clear hair like bubble tipped arms or clumps of extensions from the centers or tops. My damsel got what looked like an injury outgrowth on the corner of his lips, then his face just fell off. He is alive and swimming well, but has no lips and can’t eat. Do you think that these are related ?

    1. Avatar Jeff Kurtz says:

      Hi Bryce! By any chance, are you able to get a photo of the critters in question that you could send us for ID?

  2. Avatar Lisa Foster says:

    I have a 20g reef with no skimmer. I was having cyano issues, and then a greenwater explosion that simply would not go away no matter how much or often I changed water. On the recommendation of some reefkeeping friends, I bought a UV sterilizer and Dr. Tim’s Waste-away. Between those two, my greenwater went away and my cyano is gone. Turn the uv off for about 12 hours after each dose of waste-away.

    1. Avatar Jeff Kurtz says:

      Thanks for sharing your individualized battle plan, Lisa! Vigorous protein skimming will also help keep that BGA and free-floating algae at bay.

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