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5 Techniques for Catching Fish in a Marine Aquarium

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  1. Al Ulrich says:

    The Two-Net takedown is my method of choice. I’ve also had success with a technique I’ll dub ‘The Trojan Horse’–for delicate transfers where I have time and I’m concerned about not stressing the fish (like removing a Banggai cardinalfish with eggs in the mouth) I fully submerge a breeder net right in the subject fish’s territory. Over a few days the fish becomes comfortable with the trojan horse–and sometimes the fish will run into the trojan horse when chased with a net a few days later. Sometimes.

  2. Jeff Kurtz says:

    Great suggestion, Al! I also love the name you’ve given the technique!

  3. Chris Aldrich says:

    Very nice, Al. Going Greek with ‘The Trojan Horse’ technique. Perfect name! As a wanna-be history buff, it gave me a chuckle. 🙂

  4. Al Ulrich says:

    thanks, I’ve used the technique for a while–but the name was inspired by your article. Great post.

  5. Eric Nollet says:

    After lights out I use powerful and direct flashlight to blind them to the net, and I place the net below the fish and move upwards since many fish instinctively go down if the panic. Also, short tubes and dried out barnacles like the ones you sometimes see as decorum are excellent for cave-hoppers. It takes a couple days, but it works really well for blennies. When I had to switch tanks I just picked my Blenny’s new favorite barnicle with him in it out of the tank and into the next. I guess it’s the We’re not in Kansas anymore technique crossed with the fish trap. But, you don’t need to trick bennies into cave diving.

  6. Jeff Kurtz says:

    Ah, using their natural tendencies against them! Great suggestion, Eric!

  7. Paul B says:

    There would be no possibility to get a net of any type in my reef because the corals are to close to the front glass. If the fish see a net, they just go hysterical laughing. Instead I built a fish trap with a guillotine door that is rubber band loaded. If I have a few days in advance I leave the trap in the tank and don’t touch it, but every time I feed the fish, I shoot the food into the trap. In a few days many of the fish get used to the trap supplying food and they lose their fear of venturing into it. Invariably the fish I am trying to catch rarely loses his fear and just continues laughing. But eventually even he succumbs to the lure of food and when he gets comfortable for a few feedings in the trap, I twist the rod to the trap above the water and the door closes to the chagrin of the fish. Then I say “Where’s your Moses now”?

  8. I used a blow dart gun to catch my copper band, he was killing all my feather dusters and anything the showed on my live display rock,, It worked like a Charm! He lived, tail shot took him down

  9. JOHN says:

    When catching my cichlids I will use the net to chase it into a piece of pvc pipe then cover both ends with my hands and lift the pipe out. It can make for a wet floor though. I wouldn’t dare try this with a stinging fish or a crab! For my tropical tank I use the soda bottle trap. Works every time.

  10. Jeff Kurtz says:

    Thanks for sharing this suggestion, John!

  11. kaka says:

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  12. Osama says:

    I use my AK47 to catch fishes in my 5 gallon Reef Tank.

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