Acclimating Corals in 4 Easy Steps

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  1. Avatar Russi says:

    Hi Dave; wonderfully, & clearly written article on dipping. I’ve just ordered my dip from Amazon but what I’d like to ask you is which do you do first, dip or acclimatise your new purchase OR could the two be done in one procedure?
    From what you’ve said clearly the dipping has to come first or you are possibly introducing unwelcome visitors into your tank?

  2. Avatar Dave Malet says:

    I have done this at least a thousands times and I do all the steps 1,2 and 3 in step 4 I will just pick off anything with close inspection I see that is not wanted in the aquarium. I do not use any dips unless there is a problem with shipping. Like a late delivery and the water is extremely bad. My set up ensures that most infections are taken care of.

  3. Avatar Daan Hijmans says:

    What about light-acclimating?

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