September 11 2013,

The Black Neon Dottyback may be ORA’s most exciting hybrid to date, especially in the intentional department. With a long history of remixing certain fish species and strains, the multitude of clownfish strains they’ve come up with, including accidental clownfish crosses. The hybrid neon goby and the hybrid Indigo dottyback have been an ORA specialty easily recognized the world over.

Now the Black Neon Dottyback joins that same cross-genetic legacy with a new pattern that the world has never seen before, but we think will be even more of a hit than the union of Pseudochromis fridmani x P. sankeyi. With the darker black coloration of a springer’s dottyback and the additional blue coloration of a neon dottyback, the black neon is poised to grow into quite a stunning fish.

the neon dottyback is one half of the new Black Neon Cross

A couple of black neon dottybacks checking each other out next to the also-new Easter Egg chalice Oxypora

A nice shot of the black neon dottyback showing what glory it may hold when it grows older


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