The Basics of Marine Aquarium Backgrounds

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  1. Avatar Rob says:

    I am have black mat textured shelving liner from Walmart taped on the back of most of my tanks.

    Just cut and tape.

  2. Avatar Jeff Kurtz says:

    Ah, a very simple, cost-effective solution! Thanks for sharing, Rob!

  3. Avatar Sindy E. says:

    I have 4 tanks and the only background I don’t care for is the plastic sheeting one as no matter how smooth and ‘attached’ you get it in the beginning eventually they start to bubble up and look bad. Recently set up a new tank and we sprayed the back with an awesome blue. Best looking background ever! Highly reccomend!

  4. Avatar Jeff Kurtz says:

    Bubbling is definitely a common complaint with plastic sheeting. I’m with you when it comes to painting the back. It’s really easy, even for someone who’s all thumbs like me, and I’ve always been pleased with the results.

  5. Avatar Steve says:

    I just painted my 90g reef tank with black Plasti Dip (a flat black, rubberized spray paint that’s easily removable yet very durable). It looks amazing. My best background ever. Going to do my sides next. 2 cans and $12 later from Lowes and I’m all set. (Took about 4 coats)

  6. Avatar Chris Aldrich says:

    Plasti Dip is a great idea, Steve. I’ve used it for automotive applications numerous times and it didn’t even occur to me that it would work fantastic for an aquarium background, as well. Thanks for sharing!

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