Don’t Contaminate Your Saltwater Aquarium!

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  1. Avatar Paul B says:

    The last time I painted my house I put a cover on the tank and put an airpump outside so it sucked air from outdoors. I just ran an airline to the tank. With the modern water paints that is not necessary any longer. And although I don’t smoke, I do have a smoking ban in my house for every one. But I can’t keep my firefish from lighting up.

    1. Avatar Chris Aldrich says:

      Those darn firefish are like smokestacks…

  2. Avatar Matt Bowers (Muttley000) says:

    A couple of thoughts: When painting a room in the house take great care to avoid the fumes in the rom your tank, or tanks, are located. Also even if a smell does not seem too potent, remember that if you run a skimmer it is possibly concentrating any fumes in the water.

    1. Avatar Jeff Kurtz says:

      Both good points, Matt! When painting in or near your fish room, the more ventilation you can provide, the better, and it might be wise to unplug the skimmer until the fumes clear. Thanks for this input!

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