December 20 2013,

The HydroWizard Small is the third installment of the powerful pump trilogy from German manufacturer Panta Rhei. While the original HydroWizard at $5000 is really priced at huge aquatic displays (think seals and penguins), an the HydroWizard Medium is for the very largest aquariums, the Hydro Wizard Small is the first model in the series that will really apply to the consumer, home hobbyist.

Oliver Lucanus of Below Water has just teased the first batch of these Hydro Wizard Small water pumps which despite their small size, manage to crank out a respectable 3,500 gallons per hour. Beginning next year, the worldwide release of the HydroWizard should place this small powerful propeller water pump in the tanks of aquarists all over the world, with an estimated retail price of €420 (~$570).

Beginning early next year, the first edition of the HydroWizard Small will ship with a basic flow-speed controller, with a dial for tuning high and low and an on/off switch. In the future a special data cable will be available to control the HydroWizard Small externally and especially, for integration into existing aquarium controller systems.

hydro-wizard-small-controller hydrowizard-small


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