red-acropora-kwajalein Kwajalein has more than its fair share of Red Acropora Red Acros are one of the rarest color forms you can find in captively grown Acropora species, which is why species such as the ORA Red Planet, the Red Dragon acro, and the raspberry red Millepora acros are so popular in a field of otherwise blue and green SPS corals. With red color being such a
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The Reef Octopus automatic waste collector just works
Reef Octopus Prime skimmer is a near-perfect clone of the Vertex Omega

AquaMaxx Phosphate Out Pro is a GFO with even more PO4 removing power

Phosphate Out Pro is a new, higher capacity phosphate remover for aquarium use that is made of the highest capacity granular ferric oxide (GFO) currently available. It’s been a few years since the release of the original AquaMaxx Phosphate Out and the Pro formula allows for even more phosphate removing potential, or less frequent replacement Read More

Orange tongue coral with red tentacles and purple tips – first frag coming to tonight’s Diver’s Den

The mother of all orange tongue corals is coming to LiveAquaria’s Diver’s Den tonight. Being a colonial Fungiid, tongue corals of the Herpolitha genus are colonial which makes them a very suitable candidate for fragging and propagation, as is the case with this fabulous coral strain. We’ve only ever seen a couple dozen orange tongue corals, Read More

Coral Frag Tool Kit now available from CoralVue

Coral propagation is a fine art and for some reefers, fragging corals is a hobby unto itself. Recognizing this, CoralVue is now offering a very thorough coral frag tool kit with no fewer than ten stainless steel tools for deconstructing soft and stony corals into the seeds of new coral colonies. The new 10 piece Read More

MACNA 2014 to introduce new speaker presentation format

Historically, MACNA has reached out to the hobby and industry’s most progressive individuals to give talks, people who’s lives are somehow intertwined with marine aquariums, corals, and reef fish.  This year in Denver, MACNA will carry on that legacy but it will also seek to refine the format in which these presentations are given. At Read More

Video of Marshall Islands’ Pacific Elhorn Acropora rotumana

The Pacific Elkhorn Acro that made headlines several years ago has an uncanny resemblance to the Caribbean Elkhorn Coral, Acropora palmata.  It was a great surprise to find the highly distinctive Pacific Elkhorn Acro growing aplenty in Kwajalein Atoll and in addition to our original images, we made this video of the unique coral in its natural habitat. Read More

Hilarious video brings us “True Facts About The Octopus”

The octopus is a wonderous creature and thanks to this hilarious video by YouTuber ZeFrank, we have an all new appreciation for the cephalopod. This video called “True Facts About The Octopus” is one of the many True Facts About Animals series where they explore fascinatingly true facts about animals in an amusing way. Enjoy! Read More

ZooMed’s Repticare Day & Night timer can double as cheap ‘wavemaker’

If there’s one thing that aquarists and reefers are really good at, it’s repurposing products and devices to suit our needs and specific applications. We often reach out to totally unrelated hobbies and markets for new gear, but this ‘hack’ comes to us from ZooMed and one of their reptile products, which they could just Read More

First pictures of Orphek’s new Atlantik Compact LED light

Orphek won’t be unveiling their newest LED light, the Atlantik Compact, until Reefapalooza Orlando this weekend but we’ve got an exclusive sneak peek at the new goods. As you can imagine, the compact version of the Atlantik LED is smaller than its predecessor, with a shorter length and overall more squared out footprint. The housing for the Read More

National Geographic Aquarium products now available at Petsmart

National Geographic Aquarium products are real and they are already on the shelves of the local Petsmart. NatGeo is well known for its magazine and endeavors of exploration all over the world so you can imagine our surprise when we saw National Geographic’s name on aquarium filters and filter pads during a random walkthrough of Read More

Bloopers from the LFS: Surprise guest takes a dip at A Reef Creation

Those of us who have been in the hobby long enough know that there’s nothing like spending some quality time at your LFS [local fish store]. There’s great conversation, beautiful scenery and sometimes a place to share a great laugh or two. We recently heard a story about a local fish store, A Reef Creation in Read More