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Pacific Sun announces CruX IS-200 and CruX IS-400 internal protein skimmers

Coeloplana: Benthic ctenophores living right under your nose

Ctenophora is a phylum of marine animals most commonly referred to as comb jellies. You may have seen these in various documentaries, manifesting themselves as gelatinous geometric shapes fringed in movable cilia and psychedelic disco lights. This phylum is huge and diverse, comprising a myriad of classes and orders, each with their own collection of genera and Read More

MACNA 2015 gets a mobile app

The upcoming MACNA 2015 conference in Washington DC has gotten a bit more mobile adding a mobile app for both Android and iOS. This is a handy tool that will help you keep track of the event schedule, exhibitors, things to do and much more. It looks like it also has some social and sharing

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AquaReef X Series and Pro Series LED lights launched in Turkey

AquaReef is one of the only aquarium light manufacturers from Turkey and have a pair of LED lights they have recently launched. When we last wrote about AquaReef, they were focused on T5 and T5/LED hybrid lights, but are now venturing into full digital lighting. The new fixtures are loaded with SemiLED and CREE LEDs

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All in one Aquariums: Critical to the Success of the hobby

All in one aquarium kits are extremely popular with consumers a trend that has been increasing over the last several years. The trend is no doubt brought on by the vast amount of product combinations available on the market today and especially true in the saltwater aquarium niche in the overall market. These aquarium kits Read More

Fairy Wrasses: The bathyphilus group

The bathyphilus group, despite being a very small congregation, is by no means any less interesting or provocative compared to its congeners. In 1997 during the Indo-Pacific Fish Conference held in New Caledonia, five unidentified specimens of Cirrhilabrus were brought to the attention of Dr. John Randall by Michael Kulbicki. Because the specimens were long Read More

Tryssogobius Tuesday: A guide to the genus of fairy gobies

Amongst the giddying myriad of nano-sized gobies suited for the home aquarist, few genera exuberates brilliance and mystique quite like Tryssogobius. The genus comprises of delicate dainty gobies, of which seven are scientifically recognized. There are invariably many more waiting to be discovered, but like their prevalence in the aquarium trade, they go unnoticed by Read More

Monday misnomer: Will the real Pseudoplesiops rosae please swim up?

In another effort to rectify the various misnomers that plague the aquarium industry, we’ll take a look at a small innocuous dottyback that has been masquerading under an inaccurate alias for far too long. The fish above in the tile photo has been erroneously identified since its conception into the aquarium industry, and despite its “regular

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The Reefkeeper’s Skill Set

Like Liam Neeson in the Taken movies, over time reefkeepers develop a unique set of skills. Even though today most of the equipment we want is readily available, unlike in the early days of the hobby when most of us built our own, still there are very few “truly” plug-and-play reef aquarium systems available. As

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Skimz Monzter Mini Calcium Reactor debuting at Aquarama next week

Skimz is at it again with its mission to gain more real estate in your sump with the introduction of its Skimz Monzter Mini Calcium Reactor next week at Aquarama in Singapore. Powered by what they are touting as the smallest DC pump on a calcium reactor along with a small footprint, this option is

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How easy is it to add an Avast Marine recirculating media reactor retrofit kit? Pretty simple

So just how easy is it to add an Avast Marine recirculating media reactor retrofit kit to your media reactor? Pretty simple by the looks of this video. We covered the conversion kit last year and if you have a media reactor and aren’t happy with the way it is performing — especially if you are

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