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Lessepsian migration between the Mediterranean and Red Seas via the Suez Canal

The Mediterranean and the Red Seas are some of the most historical, geographical and anthropologically important landmarks that this magnificent planet holds. Fed primarily by the Atlantic and Indian Oceans respectively, together these two bodies of water tell an opulent story dating back to the eons. In this article, we take a brief look at the history, geography Read More

MaxSpect Gyre “rugged” 4-blade propeller and cap announced for the fall

MaxSpect has formally announced two new accessories for the Gyre FX130 pump, the cap and the new 4-bladed “rugged” propeller. The cap for the MaxSpect Gyre FX130 is as basic as an accessory gets, allowing users to remove one propeller side to turn the relatively long water moving device into a much more manageable seven inch

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Poetry in motion, Priolepis nocturna in notion

I live in seclusion, cloistered and coy. Taciturn and weary, I watch you go by. From under my ledge, I yearn to be free. If only I dared, if only I cared.

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Freshwater planted tanks, something completely different

As those of you that know me or have seen me speak or have read my stuff or watched my videos know, I love the saltwater side of the hobby, and especially anything to do with reefs. I consider myself the Will Rogers of reefkeeping in that I have never seen a coral that I

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Three new species of Trimma gobies: T. aturirii, T. kardium & T. trioculatum

Three new species of Trimma pygmy gobies have been described, adding to the rapidly growing list of these miniature reef fish which are so diverse and desirable. The new species include Trimma aturirii , Trimma kardium and Trimma trioculatum, all of them quite the lookers in their own right. Trimma trioculatum is a gorgeous little lemondrop of a pygmy

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We can’t get enough of Synergy Reef’s fluorescent acrylic sumps

Let’s face it, we reefers love shiny pretty things, that’s we gravitate towards beautiful fluorescent corals with colors so vivid they are “supernatural”. In recent years there’s been an even bigger push to make the reef gear and marine aquarium equipment just as shiny as our beloved corals. Starting with the top of the tank,

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Shallow water Acropora globiceps looks like living crystals

We have held a soft spot for Acropora globiceps ever since the beginning of our adventures in reef and stony coral keeping. Acropora globiceps was one of the first acro frags that we ever got and grew, yet this species is somehow rare to nonexistent in the marine aquarium hobby for unknown reasons. Besides the funny

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Seachem aquavitro purfiltrum teased on social media

Seachem is teasing us with an all new product from the aquavitro line, purfiltrum, on social media. According to the post on Facebook, purfiltrum is the “highest capacity organic filtration resin on the market.” purfiltrum controls ammonia, nitrites and nitrates and polishes water to unparalleled clarity. We aren’t sure when the product is coming out,

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Double down with new Dual Orbit Marine PRO LED fixture

The new Dual Orbit Marine PRO LED fixture doubles the power of a single Orbit Marine PRO light for your light-hungry reef or larger aquarium. Specifically designed for marine reef tanks and larger aquariums, the Dual Orbit Marine PRO provides plenty of punch with its full-spectrum light array to deliver good growth and brilliant color

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Man-made branch rock is coming soon from Walt Smith Fiji

Branching live rock like that which came from Tonga back in the day has always been some of the most highly sought after shape for aquascaping reef tanks and marine aquaria. branching rock from the wild is unpredictable in shape, quality, and most importantly, it can be quite expensive. The last decade has seen many

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