jake-vincent-video The Show Episode 5: Jake & Vincent talk about coral farming and diving the Flores Sea If you don’t know who Vincent Chalias is by now you must have been living under a very big piece of live rock. Following on the successes of Bob Mankin in the Solomon Islands and Walt Smith in Fiji, Mr. Chalias is one of the pioneers of aquarium coral mariculture in Indonesia. In recent years Vincent
Acropora_cervicornis Endangered versus Threatened: Why should you be concerned?
Radion Mounting System is a sleek new light arm from Ecotech Marine

California greatly increasing Consumer Protections for Pet Insurance that include aquatics

California is one of the few states that have added new provisions to pet insurance, which includes aquatics. The new law is increasing consumer protections for pet insurance. The pet insurers are now required by law to disclose important information regarding their policies, standardize definitions, and provide consumers with a 30-day “free look” period, under Read More

Seneye Web Server now available worldwide

The Seneye Web Server is a new device from Seneye which will finally put the Seneye aquarium probe online in a stand alone fashion. It’s odd to call the Seneye Web Server and “accessory” for the Seneye Probe since the probe seems to be the accessory for a larger base station that will control all Read More

The Ambio lamps glows from bioluminescent bacteria

The Ambio lighting concept is a new kind of “artificial” light source which is powered by a truly ancient process, bioluminescence. Filled with Photobacterium species of light-producing bacteria, the Ambio is not powered by electricity but instead powered by biology and a little bit of wave action. You see, the bacteria that impart their glow onto Read More

Hero Turbinaria corals are coming back thanks to Cairns Marine

It was approximately three years ago that the first tiniest influx of Hero corals began making their general debut in the marine aquarium hobby. We got our piece of Turbinaria heronensis back then and it was a struggle to keep the hero coral alive through the acclimation to aquarium life, but ever since then the hero Read More

Mantis Shrimps eyes can help us detect cancer

Besides being top of mind as a fearful hitchhiker, the mantis shrimp is a scientific marvel. What if we told you the mantis shrimp can actually help us detect cancer quicker and at home without the lengthy (and frightening) wait to hear back from your doctor? There is a research team from the University of Read More

AFM Marine BP reactor has a unique spin on fluidized media

AFM Marine from Scotland has a unique spin on fluidized media with its new AFM Marine BP fluidized media reactor designed for biopellets. The circular chamber is fed with a Sicce Synchra pump to churn the biopellets that helps prevent clumping and channeling. There are currently two models available with a half liter and a Read More

Genio Box will be the newest All In One Sump on the block

Genio recently made a big splash with a completely new needle wheel protein skimmer design, currently being offered by ReefGreenTech, and they’re not wasting any time in staying in the limelight with a fully loaded reef sump called the Genio Box. We’ve seen a spat of all-in-one sumps from the likes of Vertex and Royal Exclusiv Read More

Frag Junky’s Maui Wowi mushroom highlights the recent discosoma and rhodactis craze

You may have noticed a dramatic uptick in the amount of colorful and exciting mushroom anemones being collected and propagated for the marine aquarium hobby lately. Between the Shroom Room, Jawbreaker Discosomas and more juicy corallimorphs than you can shake a stick polyp at, “shrooms” are back in the reef aquarium collector’s wish list and nowhere Read More

Ultra Rare Fish Alert: First live photos of Chromis struhsakeri and Bodianus bathycapros

Robert Whitton is a renowned underwater videographer and naturalist, and is currently working in the ichthyological department of natural sciences as a research assosiate at the Bishop Museum in Hawaii. Robert runs a blog called Explorer’s Log where he documents and publishes interesting finds during his numerous biodiversity surveys. In his more recent blog post, Read More

Unique observations of the natural habitat of Acropora suharsonoi

As far as cool “mythical” acros go, for us Acropora suharsonoi has always been one of the be-all unique and beautiful small polyp stony corals for the home aquarium. As an SPS lover, getting our hands on this species for the first time in 2005-2006 was a momentous occasion rivaled only by seeing the species in Read More