hydra26-radion-xr15w-pro-1 Comparing the Radion XR15w Pro and the Hydra 26 LED lights Ecotech Marine and AquaIllumination have been on parallel paths in their development of marine aquarium products for some time and with their newfound synergy from the recent merger, they have simultaneously released comparable reef aquarium LED lights. The Hydra 26 and Radion XR15w Pro are very similar in some ways but still have distinctive features that
flores-acropora-unknown-one-7 Unknown Acropora species discovered on the Fluval Sea Flores Expedition
GHL’s new Powerbar 5.1, smaller and updated

Smooth-On epoxy putty instruction video builds a sweet overflow cover

Smooth-On has been making inroads into the aquarium hobby for some time now with innovative ways for aquarists to sculpt and create their own aquarium structures. But their newest effort to encourage full wraparound structure to cover an overflow box is their most ambitious and exciting yet. The Smooth-On overflow cover kit consists of a Read More

Potential new species of seahorse collected in New Zealand

An unknown seahorse has been discovered in the shallow coastal waters of New Zealand. During recent surveys using a beam trawl, researchers collected this unidentified species of seahorse from New Zealand’s Northland Islands. The small brown Syngnathid is just about 3cm long but it having been the only such specimen collected, it is unknown whether this Read More

LupyLed quietly being developed in Germany

The LupyLED is a new company out of Germany which has been quietly been developing an inspired new LED light. LupyLED has been teasing a sexy new LED slab of a light fixture but they’ve been exceptionally coy about showing the LED guts which actually drive the fixture. Despite not yet being released, the LupyLED Read More

Trimma pajama and T. meranyx are two new exquisite species of deepwater nano gobies

A few new deepwater nano gobies from Indonesia have been described in a recent edition of the journal ZootaxaI that are sure to captivate you with their beauty. Here is information on two of the three new gobies described by Richard Winterbottom, Mark Erdmann, and Dita Cahyani. The first specimen, Trimma pajama, is quite exquisite and Read More

Pitcairn Islands sports exquisitely pristine marine life

A recent expedition by National Geographic to the Pitcairn Islands group has documented an incredibly pristine reef the likes of which are almost no longer on this earth. As part of the Pristine Seas project, divers and documentarians from National Geographic surveyed the reefs, their corals, fish and reef life to create an amazing portrait Read More

The Orangutan Crab; Another sweet coral crustacean

Following our review of crustacean relationships with corals that we accoutered during the Fluval Sea Flores expedition, we are left wondering why we never see these associations in aquarium. One other crustacean that we often come to meet even together with our last candidate Vir philippinensis is the Orangutan crab that is currently described as Achaeus japonicus but should classified in Read More

Chaetodon ocellicauda observed living with its sister species

The butterflyfish of the Chaetodon genus is rife with many closely related species that are differentiated based on geography, and seemingly subtle color differences. While on the Fluval Sea Flores Expedition we had the chance to observe one such pair of species living sympatrically, Chaetodon melannotus and C. ocellicauda. The black backed butterflyfish Chaetodon melannotus is by Read More

IceCap Ecosmart RO/DI likely to encounter problems with the name

EcoSmart is a very well known name and trademark in the marine aquarium world but it’s not in a Reverse Osmosis filter. Ecotech Marine’s EcoSmart wireless drivers of Vortech pumps has been powering reef tans as far back as February 2010. Meanwhile, EcoSmart Live has been cloud-controlling Radion LED lights for at least 48 months. The EcoSmart Read More

We’re barely scratching the surface of Mycedium diversity

When we observe the diversity of corals found in the aquarium hobby, it’s easy to think that somehow what we’re getting is a reflection of what is available in nature. By that guideline you’d think that Mycedium was somewhat rare, or at least the colorful ones are. But on the recent Fluval Sea Flores Expedition, Mycedium species Read More

Maine brewery uses seaweed in latest beer

Craft breweries have been using odd ingredients to set them apart from the competition for a while but one brewery in Maine caught our attention when we learned they have a brew coming up made with seaweed. The Marshall Wharf Brewing Co. in Belfast, Maine, already has one brew sourced from the sea in a Read More