May 23,

The new Tunze Turbelle Stream 6255 wide flow pushes out wide flow from a DC powered, low-voltage motor prop pump. Running at 12V with the ability push out 1,300 to 4,800 GPH (5,000 to 18,000 l/hr) the new Tunze Turbelle can be attached to a controller to simulate waves, a stronger tidal flow or other ocean environments.

The Stream 6255 pump also features some intelligent programming allowing it to automatically adjust to conditions to run efficiently. The motor of the Stream 6255 automatically adjusts the speed to the load on the pump trying to hit the highest operating efficiency and the lowest possible power consumption. Tunze notes the pump can perform at 50% lower energy consumption than conventional pump motors. The Stream 6255 pump is rated at a maximum of 58W of power consumption and is fed by a AC transformer to step down to the operating voltage of 12 VDC.

In the case of a blockage, the pumps will automatically stop preventing the motors from burning up. Once the blockage is removed, the pumps will automatically restart after a 20 second delay. To ensure your fish will not make themselves too comfy in the props when in feeding or maintenance mode, the pump also has a fish care function where it makes one slow revolution every 20 seconds.

Measuring is at around 3.5 in. with a 3 in. outlet, the new Tunze Stream 6255 can be controlled by the Multicontroller 7095, 7096 as well as Wavecontroller 7092. The new Tunze Stream 6255 will set you back around $670 USD (€480.67).

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