The speciation, biogeography and hybridization of Zebrasoma

The family Acanthuridae boasts of charismatic, charming and iconic reef fishes that are immediately recognizable both in the field and in the trade. All eighty or so species spanning the six various genera have a single unifying trait, and that is the possession of razor sharp caudal peduncular spines. The family is diverse and well represented Read More

A sneak peek of the hot livestock coming to Reefapalooza NY

If you were looking for a sneak peak at unique, cherry, eye catching or totally limited edition corals, we’ve got the ultimate coral candy fix for you today. Leading up to the hottest reef aquarium event of the summer, we’ve got an exclusive sneak peek at the coral that will be offered for sale at

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Second ever hybrid gem tang collected in Mauritius

The gem tang is arguably the most coveted of all surgeonfish species, making the first ever documented gem tang hybrid quite a sensation. Another hybrid gem tang has been collected and we have even better pictures of this stunning specimen to document this very rare Zebrasoma cross. This newest hybrid gem tang was collected by the

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Who will be the MASNA 2015 Aquarist of the Year?

  Each year MASNA members nominate individuals who have contributed to the hobby for the MASNA Aquarist of the Year award.  The award is presented at MACNA, during the Saturday banquet.  Last years winner, Rich Ross, joined a renowned group of authors, speakers, breeders and reefing contributors. There are only 6 days left to nominate

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Canadians warned not to flush ‘invasive’ goldfish

Tell your neighbor not to flush that darn goldfish. As aquarists we need to do our job to help educate people about our hobby and as this report from Alberta, Canada shows, flushing a goldfish down the toilet has dire consequences. Officials in western Canada are urging people not to flush their pet goldfish down

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Tunicate that ejects guts could help humans regenerate organs

A tunicate that spews its internal organs when stressed could lead scientists to scientific breakthroughs in human tissue regeneration. A recent study in Scientific Reports took a closer look at Polycarpa mytiligera a common tunicate found in reefs off the coasts of Red Sea, Tanzania, Mozambique and South Africa, that display a rather odd and

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Deepsea Under the Pole

We love stunning underwater video and this blast from the past is an incredible video titled Deepsea Under the Pole by Rolex. The stunning video captures the 45-day pioneering expedition and innovative human adventure that combined ski trekking and scuba diving in one of the toughest climates on the planet. Throughout the journey, the eight

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Is Japan really home to any endemic Fairy Wrasses? Cirrhilabrus katoi disagrees

The reefs of Japan are known to harbour unique fauna found nowhere else on this earth. Rife with endemics, species such as Centropyge interrupta, Chaetodon daedalma, Genicanthus takeuchii, Chromis mirationis and a whole hodgepodge of other reef fish call this place home. 

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Fairy Wrasses: The cyanopleura group

The cyanopleura group is the next collection of fairy wrasses from the second major Cirrhilabrus clade (whose member taxa share the trait of mid-length pelvic fins) and is sister to the scottorum group. In the latter, certain traits that were diagnostic to the members will be more evidently presented in the various species here, suggesting the closeness between the two groups. Read More

Millions of tuna crabs wash ashore in Southern California

The warm water off the coast of California have driven millions of tiny, bright red tuna crabs ashore on Southern California beaches recently. Although they look like crawfish or mini lobsters, the pelagic red crabs are typically found along the west coast of Baja California and the Gulf of California. “Typically such strandings of these

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