flores-aquarium-diving A reef tank is not a piece of a natural reef I have to chuckle when I hear someone say that their reef tank looks just like a reef in the ocean, or that their tank is like a small piece of the reef. It may sound like sacrilege to fellow reefers, but despite how much we want to believe this illusion, or how good our tanks look, or even
best-nano-products-2014 Reef Builders Editor’s Choice: Top 5 best Nano products of 2014
How to turn a Sicce Shark ADV internal filter into a fluidized reactor in less than 2 minutes

AcroOptics set to reveal a totally new kind of LED fixture

AcroOptics is a spankin’ new LED light company based in nearby Boulder, Colorado which is undertaking a radically different approach to making the ultimate LED aquarium fixture.  When we spotted one of their prototypes at Aqua Imports, an LFS in Boulder, we were transfixed at this totally different looking black box of an LED with Read More

Awesome Fish Spotlight: All that glitters is not Golden Angelfish

All that glitters is not gold. That is certainly the case for Centropyge aurantia, the golden angelfish. Despite having both the common and latin name of this fish associated with the precious metal, there is in terms of appearance, very little going on to suggest this pairing. C. aurantia is a Western Pacific species with Read More

Midweek Misnomer: Sexually confused Pseudochromis tonozukai

Misidentity, misinformation and misnomers are rampant and rife within the aquarium hobby and our peers. Some can be detrimental, while some are harmless pet peeves that run its course amongst new enthusiasts. We aren’t perfect, and more often than not we make mistakes. What’s important is we learn from it and spread the word of truth. Read More

An afternoon with Dr. Anthony Gill and the Macleay Museum of Sydney

oThe final installation of our Australian trip recount adjourns with the meeting of Dr. Anthony Gill at the Macleay Museum of Sydney. If you remembered, we took a little trip to Cairns recently where we had the privilege of seeing the wonderful and impeccable facility of Cairns Marine and their team. Before our flight back to Singapore, we stopped Read More

Caribbean Coral Reefs used to be made up of fields of coral

The concept of shifting baselines is an important one in reef ecology which basically describes how successive generations of researchers have their own ideas of what constitutes a healthy or a natural reef. Nowhere is this concept more important than on the heavily degraded reefs of the Caribbean whose coral populations were heavily degraded before Read More

Centropyge deborae video shows this cryptic fish closer than ever

Once we get a lock on a relatively poorly known reef fish or coral, our short term infatuation is not over until we’ve thoroughly documented the specimen with great write ups, great photographs, and especially a movie. Our subject today is the elusive Centropyge deborae which was represented by a great specimen we sighted at Florida’s Read More

ADA starting work on the largest Nature Aquarium in the world

If you think you’ve seen a big tank before, just wait until you get a load of the behemoth Nature Aquarium going up in the Lisbon Aquarium this year. Aqua Design Amano has been commissioned to build the largest Nature Aquarium ever conceived and at 40 meters, or 131 feet, building this extremely long freshwater Read More

AquaMedic Evo 500 protein skimmer is granted controllable powers

AquaMedic’s Evo 500 is a new protein skimmers that is powered with a controllable DC pump. Compared to the AquaMedic Turboflotor Blu 500, the Evo 500 does away with the primary-school blue plastic pieces in favor of much easier on the eyes black, giving this device a more serious appearance right outta the box. But Read More

Underwater crop circle-building pufferfish officially described as Torquigener albomaculosus

Pufferfish seem to make headlines for all kinds of interesting behaviors from chasing lasers, apparently mourning the loss of a friend, and especially for helping dolphins to get high. But no pufferfish behavior garnered more attention than the elaborate “underwater crop circles” discovered in Japanese seabeds. The identity of the pufferfish species responsible for the Read More

Deepwater Aquatics BLDC pumps brings high end refinments to controllable DC pumps

There’s a huge number of relabelled controllable DC pumps available to the aquarium market today, but Deepwater Aquatics is hoping their BLDC pump has enough new and higher end features to rise to the top. Much like the Wavelines and Jebaos that are now commonplace in aquarium use, Deepwater Aquatics’ BLDC pumps are controllable DC Read More