macna-speakers-2014 First four MACNA 2014 speaker videos now available to view online The Marine Aquarium Conference of North America is such a seminal event in the marine aquarium community, it’s a gem to be able to gather once a year with friends and colleagues from all over the world. One of the best parts of attending a MACNA is seeing all the different presentations and the information
aquatics-hobby-in-peril The Worldwide Aquatics Industry is in Jeopardy
AI Hydra 52, AI Director, Deltec, and Polyp Lab’s new prototype products launches at ReefDepot’s open house

Neptune Systems DoS is so much more than a dosing pump

It’s easy to look at the new Neptune Systems D0S “Fluid Metering System” and lump it in with all of the other dosing devices on the market, but you’d be mistaken. Nearly every facet of the DoS has been completely designed and engineered to be a tool of precise and reliable fluid dosing and metering, Read More

One man’s trash is another fish’s treasure

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. This doesn’t just apply to bipedal humans, but to many creatures in the animal kingdom. In the fishy world, man’s junk can sometimes find usefulness in the deep blue sea. Disclaimer* We feel strongly against harming our seas and we do not advocate ocean dumping and blatant littering in the Read More

Rare fish throwback: Super aberrant and hybrid Emperor Angelfish

Here at the ReefBuilders rare fish department we have amassed a large collection of cool stuff that quite frankly, have been sitting around collecting dust. Stuff that are too outdated for a breakthrough post, but cool enough that we didn’t dismiss. So we’re kicking off our new rare fish throwback series with this super aberrant Read More

Flipper Nano algae scraper magnet review

The Flipper Nano algae scraping magnet is one of the best new-yet-familiar products announced at MACNA 2013, which became available for prime time at MACNA 2014. We picked up a sample of the new Flipper Nano and all we have to say is “where has this algae magnet been all our lives?” What made the Read More

Friday Smorgasbord: Reef smells, dogs, camo and drones

It has been far too long between posting our last Friday Smorgasbord and since summer is nearly over and we are all back to the normal grind, it made sense to dust off the typewriter and craft a new smorgasbord post. Here are a few snippets from around the world to entertain, inform and inspire. Read More

Cirrhilabrus squirei finally gets an official description

Cirrhilabrus squirei is a new species of fairy wrasse from the Great Barrier Reef and the Coral Sea which was first discovered and collected by Cairns Marine of Australia. The new fairy wrasse species is named after Lyle Squire and the Squire family who own and founded Cairns Marine. Of all the fairy wrasses, C. Read More

The Revolution XT Ring Saw is an industrial coral cutter

The Revolution XT Ring Saw is a heavy duty limestone separating tool that kind of makes regular bandsaws look like toys. We got our first look at the curious form factor of the Revolution XT Ring Saw by Gemini Saws at the Eye Catching Coral booth at MACNA 2014. Bandsaws have become a common sight Read More

Behind the face of LiveAquaria – Kevin Kohen’s fish collection part 1

Any saltwater hobbyist worth his salt or doesn’t live under a rock surely knows about LiveAquaria. On this post MACNA trip, we managed to visit their facility and caught up with Kevin Kohen, the man behind the company. Seeing as we’ve already covered some behind the scenes processes that goes on inside the chocolate factory equivalent of the fish Read More

MaxSpect Gyre pump gets its first real close up

When it is finally released to the public in a couple of months, the MaxSpect Gyre pump will undoubtedly be one of the hottest new reef aquarium devices to hit the scene in a really long time. The completely new design of the MaxSpect Gyre Generator water pump creates wholesale water movement in the aquarium Read More

CoralVue trots out a stable of IceCap branded aquarium gear

IceCap is a brand whose name was once hallowed in the reef aquarium community but which has all but fallen out of public minds since the company was shuttered several years ago. The first hints of a resurrection of the IceCap brand came earlier this summer with the announcement of the IceCap reverse osmosis water Read More