best-of-interzoo-2014-b The new InterZoo products we expect to see at MACNA Writing about the release of the Radion Mounting System got us to thinking about all the new products we reported on at InterZoo which American reefers will see for the first time at MACNA. While it may be four months after their initial release, many of the products debuted at InterZoo 2014 are one-offs and
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Tunze celebrates 50 years of protein skimmers with a working replica of the original

Captive bred Genicanthus personatus debuts at MACNA 2014

Today 30/08/2014 marks a historic date in the rare fish and captive breeding circle. Some of you may have heard rumors floating around for awhile now but today we put a stop to all the coffee shop gossip. Genicanthus personatus has been successfully spawned and raised for the market by none other than breeding legend Read More

Sea & Reef Aquaculture to release captive bred Lightning Maroons

Sea & Reef are at MACNA this year and they’ve got some really cool clowns on display. The captive bred lightning maroons are the first batch of offspring to come from a lightning maroon x PNG white striped maroon pair. The male of the brood stock came from one of Matthew Pedersen’s many successful lightning clown offspring, Read More

Sustainable Aquatics shows off Longfin Ocellaris pair at MACNA

With a whirl of new products, ideas and people hitting MACNA 2014 this year, it’s a little easy to get lost on what to look out for and where. If you are planning to head down for MACNA, be sure to check out the pair of Longfin Ocellaris at Sustainable Aquatic‘s booth. It doesn’t matter Read More

Dr. G’s SPS & LPS Coral Dip Solution

Dr. G’s SPS & LPS Coral Dip Solution is an aptly named coral dip with a new take on how to cleanse corals before putting them in the aquarium. Dr. G’s Coral Dip Solution does not use pine oils or iodine, both of which have irritating properties to coral tissues, and is claimed to be Read More

Flipper Max will be strong enough for up to 1″ glass

The Flipper Max is the third size of the popular flipping aquarium algae magnet. Like the Flipper before it, the Flipper Max has a dual sided “wet side” magnet with a scrubbing pad on one side, and a special scraping blade on the other side. The low profile design of the Flipper Max allows it Read More

AquaIllumination free contest giveaway and new product teaser at MACNA

AquaIllumination has had a very big year so far and to celebrate, they’re throwing a little shindig and contest at MACNA in Denver this weekend. As part of their booth AI is setting up a fully loaded Innovative Marine 120 gallon Nuvo Shallow Reef Aquarium with four Hydra52 LEDs and two Vortech MP40s – and they Read More

New AccuraSea1 salt mix from Two Little Fishies

AccuraSea1 is a new salt mix from Two Little Fishies, the first ever basic seawater formulation from the world-renowned Julian Sprung. What makes AccuraSea1 unique is that it is prepackaged into two sizes, a 54 gallon size with 12 packs of 4.5 gallons and a 200 gallon size with ten packs of 20 gallons. The Read More

myGHL cloud based aquarium monitoring software coming in 2014

GHL, which has been making reef tank monitoring equipment for several years, has announced the general availability of myGHL. myGHL is a cloud based GHL service that connects with other GHL services and allows you to see current states, initiate actions and make adjustments to your GHL aquarium controllers according to documents leaked to us. Read More

MACNA 2015 will be held in Washington DC

MACNA 2015 will be held in Washington D.C. and being hosted and produced by the Washington Area Marine Aquarium Society. MACNA 2015 in D.C. will actually mark the tenth anniversary of the first time that WAMAS hosted this event back in 2005. While many members may have turned over for WAMAS in the last ten years, Read More

Neptune Systems offering free AFS with ApexGold bundles this weekend only

Neptune Systems has cooked a special promotion for the MACNA event weekend that will appeal to all American reefers. We know it’s hard to sit and watch MACNA from home, not being able to partake in any of the fun from a distance but to soften the blow, this year Neptune Systems has crafted a Read More