fish eyes I see you looking at me, like I’m some kind of freak Sight is a vital sensory system for most living things that enables them to process and visualise information from their surroundings. What to eat, and where to find it? Who to flee from, and who to mate with? Survival and procreation are some of the day to day necessities that would be impossible, for most, without
coral-aquarium-time-lapse Five time lapse aquarium videos that show the ‘behavior’ of corals
Hands on and first impression of the Kessil Spectral Controller

LGM Aquari’s heavy duty ‘fiber-optic’ phytoplankton reactor

The aquarium phytoplankton reactor is a product whose existence is known about in North America, but nowhere have we seen it more exalted than in Italy where countless manufacturers offer a myriad of ways to grow liquid salad for our reef tanks. While at PetsFestival in Italy we got to spend some time with LGM Read More

Blau’s ReefMotion DC pump has a very useful controller

The Blau ReefMotion DC pump is more or less the same water moving device we’ve seen from countless other companies save for one very important feature. While most companies are happy to rebadge this high performance DC water pump with the stock controller, finally Blau Aquaristic is the first to add a greater level of Read More

What is going on with this weird captive bred clownfish?

Pictured here is a very peculiar looking color pattern of a captive bred clownfish which got us doing more than a few double-takes when we spotted it in Italy. This “two and a half barred” clownfish looks more or less like a typical captive raised clark’s clownfish, Amphiprion clarki, with fully formed bars except for Read More

Milwaukee Instruments unveils the MP810 dosing pump

The MP810 is a new dosing pump from Milwaukee Instruments that is endowed with the company’s signature lime green color. Milwaukee’s MP810 dosing pump is a very pragmatic offering with a balance of features and performance at a price that reflects that value. The basic green dosing pump is driven by a brushed DC motor Read More

Seeing sperm whales sleeping is pretty darn cool

We have all been pretty tired at times and may have caught ourselves nodding off while waiting in line for an early flight, on the subway to work or elsewhere, but seeing how sperm whales sleep is pretty darn cool. Why? Because as you can see from the image above, they sleep perpendicular in the Read More

Building an Obsession unveils an ingenious new frag transporting system

Building an Obsession is a start-up marine aquarium company which earlier this year turned heads with their interesting simple and elegant sump designs, as well as some sophisticated supplement dosing boxes. This time Building an Obsession is back with an incredibly nifty system for transporting copious amounts of coral frags inside relatively small containers. The Read More

ATI PowerCone skimmer seen paired up with controllable DC pump

The ATI Powercone protein skimmer was a groundbreaking concept when it was first announced with a custom made controllable needle wheel pump and an ingenious gridwheel design for the air chopping needle wheel impeller. However on the heels of its release the ATI Powercone was quickly followed by a deluge of protein skimmer models featuring Read More

ORA commercializes the Rare White Bonnet Clownfish

ORA finally debuted a project that they’ve been working on for a year (well, actually a decade if you count the total time they’ve pursued this clownfish variety). We finally have commercially available captive-bred F1 Amphiprion leucokranos, the White Bonnet Clownfish, and from reading the info it would seem that these are purely Solomon Islands Read More

Milwaukee Instruments Handy Photometers for testing phosphate and more

Milwaukee Instruments revealed at PetsFestival last week that they would be releasing a full line of small, compact and affordable handy photometers for testing water chemistry like Phosphate and more. If Milwaukee’s Photometer’s seem like a familiar concept, that’s because they directly mirror Hanna’s own drop Checkers in form, function and even in pricing – Read More

GHL Mitras LED will be enjoying a massive price cut for three weeks

The GHL Mitras LED is an impressive reef aquarium lighting fixture that has more clusters and more colors of LEDs than any other standalone fixture. However, the built in controller, touch sensitive buttons and all-german construction doesn’t come cheap with a normal sticker price of $1199. However for a limited time, Aqua-Digital will be offering Read More