koralia-3rd-generation-hydor-5 Sneak peek at Hydor’s third generation Koralia water pump The third generation Koralia pump is Hydor’s latest breed of propeller pump which really bring with them a next generation level of refinement. Any pump manufacturer can deliver incremental improvements to their newest pumps, kinda like what hydor did with the second generation Koralias, but these third generation Koralias are better, faster, quieter, stronger in so
zoanthid-tree-top Tyler Bell’s Zoanthid tree is an exquisite concept of coral display
Hands-on with the PRS Corrente digital flow sensor

GHL Profilux controller nearly half the price of what it was last year!

The Profilux has been one of the most trusted aquarium controllers for years, especially in Europe, but the high cost and currency exchange rate between the Dollar and the Euro has kept this reliable machine quite expensive in the American market at $1699. Last year in celebration of the ProfiLux’s anniversary, the GHL controller received a Read More

Atelomycterus erdmanni, a new species of catshark from Eastern Indonesia

Atelomycterus erdmanni is a new species of catshark from Indonesia with a very attractive jaguar pattern and a typical slender catshark body shape. The new species is names after Mark Erdmann, a prolific diver, underwater explorer and ichthyologist who has also been honored with his name on a blenny, on a goby and dottyback. The Read More

What traits make a great reefer?

While sitting around with Julian, Jake and Sanjay, an interesting discussion developed as to what traits make a great reefer.  It was a lively debate as each of us had our own ideas of what traits really differentiate great reefers from others.  We realized that we did not know of anyone who possessed all of Read More

Hydor releases teaser video for the new Third Generation Koralia pumps

The third generation Koralia pump has taken the reef world by surprise, showing us all that Hydor has the chops not only to build one of the most popular propeller pumps of modern reefing, but also to improve and innovate on that initial success. Last weekend’s sneak peek at ReefStock 2015 was great for us Read More

Closer look at Orphek’s new Atlantik Pendant 300 LED

The new Orphek Atlantik Pendant 300 is one beast of a hanging LED light. The extremely large size and proportions of the Atlantik Pendant 300 seem comical compared to regular home aquarium LED lights and pendants but not compared to a complete 1000 metal halide fixture with reflector that this light is designed to replace. Read More

Cold temps turn Nantucket waves into slushies

We know it is pretty bad on the Eastern Seaboard with cold temperatures and snow wreaking havoc for many and Sanjaying many a traveler at many airports, but just how cold is it? Enough to turn waves to ice. This photograph taken by Jonathan Nimerfroh, show the slushy water making surreal waves off the coast Read More

Hawaii anti-aquarium legislation being reconsidered TODAY

An amended HB 873HD1 regulating the aquarium fishery will be heard by Committee on Judiciary on Friday at 3:00 p.m. in the State Capitol’s Conference Room 325. Testimony must be received by the Committee no later than 3:00 p.m. Thursday, February 26 Hawaii time. The text of the bill: Chapter 188, Hawaii Revised Statutes, is Read More

Red Sea Reefer Tank makes American debut at ReefStock 2015

Right when you walked into the show floor of ReefStock 2015 last weekend, the first thing you saw is the glorious new creation from Red Sea called simply, the Reefer Tank. Aquarium manufacturers have offered equipment to keep and grow aquatic life as separate pieces or as all in one kits, but the Reefer series is Read More

Trio of eye candy coral videos focus on fluorescence, macros and time lapse

If any animal is more worthy of closer scrutiny using macro video, time lapse, and fluorescence exposure, than corals, we don’t know what that creature is. Long time readers of Reef Builders will be familiar with the semi-regular sharing of videos of these sorts about corals, and very recently a trio of videos from different Read More

East1’s 1.5 gallon SPS tank is the swankiest pico reef to date

Since the volumes associated with a ‘true’ pico reef is quite restrictive, we tend to think of pico reef tanks as examples of simplicity, and exercises in minimalism. Somehow, Nano-Reef forum user East1 failed to read that memorandum and charted a course for his unique 1.5 gallon SPS pico reef tank which breaks away from Read More