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Tunze Blue Edition NanoStream celebrates 10 years of tiny propeller pumps

The Tunze Blue Edition NanoStream 6045 is a special run of the powerful prop pump that celebrates ten years since Tunze’s introduction of the NanoStream. With so many large, small, controllable and affordable saltwater safe aquarium propeller pumps available on the market today, it’s easy to take water movement in a reef aquarium for granted. … Read More

Prognathodes “basabei” in serene Kyoto

Once regarded as the former capital of Japan, Kyoto relinquished its title to the anagrammatic Tokyo in 1868. Today, Kyoto is known for its serene and tranquil landscapes peppered extensively with shinto shrines, temples and historical culture. This geographical icon of the Kansai region embodies the Zen culture to full effect, and while shrines and pagodas … Read More

Nyos Calcium, Magnesium and Carbonate Hardness test kit review

In addition to the easy-to-use Nitrate and Phosphate test kits, the NYOS Reefer line also includes some very well thought out tests for the mineral components of seawater, including Calcium, Magnesium and Alkalinity. With Ecotech Marine now distributing NYOS products in the U.S., American reefers are much more likely to see the NYOS tests on store … Read More

Tunze LED 8811 Marine Eco Chic & 8821 White Eco Chic

The Tunze LED Eco Chic is a new striplight and a new color for Tunze’s unusual yet still very useful LED aquarium light. Being fully submersible and magnet-mounted to the side of the aquarium has not won Tunze the top end of the reef aquarium LED lighting market, but they have made some fans of … Read More

Indo-Pacific Nudibranchs and Sea Slugs get some love

Nudibranchs and sea slugs may not sound as interesting as all the designer corals and fish we see in the hobby, however in our opinion, these creatures are some of the most beautiful and interesting creatures in the ocean. A new book “Nudibranch and Sea Slug Identification – Indo-Pacific” by Terrence Gosliner, Ángel Valdés and … Read More

New pricing for Euroquatics Angel LEDs makes them a very good value

  Euroquatics announced today that it would be selling their new A1 and A1P LEDs at new pricing which makes them much more competitive in the reef aquarium market. Previously, the Angel A1 retailed for $549 while the more powerful A1P had a list price of $649. The initial pricing of both Angel LED fixtures … Read More

New video demonstrates a highlight feature of the Vectra pump, calibration

The Vectra starts shipping this week and this new controllable DC pump from Ecotech Marine is already garnering a lot of attention. It’s not just the hardware of the Vectra M1 & L1 pumps that make them such great water movers, but also the built-in software that makes them silent using QuietDrive, and the great … Read More

Lembeh now has the second highest reef fish diversity in the world

Coral reef fish superstars Gerald Allen and Mark V. Erdmann are at it again, this time participating in a “reef crawl” in Lembeh that was focused on sighting as many reef fish as possible. The reef life survey turned up an additional 43 new species records for Lembeh, bringing the total number to 1101 species … Read More

Get your Reef Dynamics/Euro Reef parts at Aquarium Source

Reef Dynamics, formerly known as Euro Reef, may be out of business, but Titan Aquatic has you covered. A new website they just launched called Aquarium Source is slated to be the go-to place for all your replacement parts needs. Reef Dynamics and Euro Reef protein skimmer famously stuck with modified Eheim pumps which use … Read More

Palytoxin from Palythoa zoanthids is really, REALLY dangerous

If we could have your attention please, this is an important public service announcement from your neighborhood Reef Builders to let you know to be very careful when handling your Palythoa zoanthids. Zoanthids are hardy, neigh indestructible flower animals of the coral reef which reef keepers have enjoyed growing in aquariums since the inception of … Read More