best-of-interzoo-2014-b The new InterZoo products we expect to see at MACNA Writing about the release of the Radion Mounting System got us to thinking about all the new products we reported on at InterZoo which American reefers will see for the first time at MACNA. While it may be four months after their initial release, many of the products debuted at InterZoo 2014 are one-offs and
fluid-engineers-transformer-sump-1 New Transformer Sump enables larger skimmers with low stand clearance
Tunze’s smallest skimmer, the DOC 9001, set for release “any day now”

Great results feeding Doc’s Eco Eggs Brew to corals

Doctor Eco Systems is a relatively new,  self styled group with a focus on providing low cost, high quality, food stuffs for your marine aquaria.  I have met with the group several times at various shows around the country and have been impressed by their philosophy of local sourcing key ingredients in their products and Read More

Goldfish have been hacked to battle in Street Fighter

There’s a lot of cool things you can do with aquarium fish, you can teach them to play soccer, they can be trained to drive a remote controlled car, but playing video games has been beyond our fishy friends, until now.  Right this instant, on Twitch, you can watch Robert the Bruce play against Aquarius in Read More

Reef Generation St. Martins aims to crowdfund artificial reef

The Reef Generation St. Martins project is an Indiegogo crowdfunding project whose aim is to build an artificial coral reef off the coast of St. Martin’s Grand Case to grow coral for reef restoration and develop educational programs. This project will be unique as the project’s team includes a diverse mix of reef experts with the capability and Read More

CNC Reef is making a unibody Vega LED retrofit kit

CNC Reef is a company that’s been milling various LED heatsinks for different applications and recently it’s turned its attention at rehoming the leftover guts of some great lights that still work very well. The first light to get the unibody heatsink treatment is the still very capable AquaIllumination Vega LED. The Vega LED is Read More

Tunze NanoStream 6020 pump hands-on and first impressions

We just received one of the first runs of the highly anticipated Tunze NanoStream 6020 pumps. After seeing them at Interzoo we were eager to get our hands on one. The 6020 and 6040 are new to the Tunze NanoStream lineup and bring a new flow pattern to the market. Unlike normal powerheads that have a Read More

Who knew Chris Turnier is so talented at painting and carving aquarium fish?

The aquarium hobby is blessed with talented painters like Kaitlyn Cameron and Nate Wilson but the big surprise today is that one of our pioneering aquarists is also gifted with the brush, and the chisel. Chris Turnier who has paid his aquarium dues in Tonga collecting corals, in L.A. kicking off the whole concept of WYSIWYG Read More

Radion Mounting System now shipping

The Radion Mounting System is the first placement solution from Ecotech Marine which attaches directly to the aquarium. The first option Ecotech released for mounting the Radion LED light was the rail hanging kit but the Radion Mounting System (RMS) will have much broader appeal with a range of options for elegantly fixing the Radion Read More

Mission Blue now available to stream on Netflix

Mission Blue is an important new movie that stresses the critical need to begin conserving the oceans the way that we protect the land. The Netflix original film is partly a biopic about the life of esteemed ocean scientist Sylvia Earle, and her lifelong message about how completely we are trashing every facet of the Read More

Skimz Biopellet Reactor includes a new nano hang-on model

Skimz has a new Biopellet Reactor coming to market in three sizes to take advantage of the nutrient reducing properties of the biopolymer. The Skimz Biopellet Reactor is unique in being bottom-fed and does away with the sometimes awkward internal inlet pipe. Skimz uses one of their own branded pumps through a conical base which helps Read More

ZapCal makes quick work of even the heaviest calcium buildup

Zap-Cal is an aquarium equipment cleaner and de-scaler from Crystal Clear Aquatics. In the aquarium world this type of chemical cleaning work is normally performed using some form of strong acid, the strongest of which being sulfuric acid which is highly corrosive and creates tons of toxic fumes requiring the acid-bath to be performed outdoors Read More