hydra26-radion-xr15w-pro-1 Comparing the Radion XR15w Pro and the Hydra 26 LED lights Ecotech Marine and AquaIllumination have been on parallel paths in their development of marine aquarium products for some time and with their newfound synergy from the recent merger, they have simultaneously released comparable reef aquarium LED lights. The Hydra 26 and Radion XR15w Pro are very similar in some ways but still have distinctive features that
flores-acropora-unknown-two-5 The second unknown Acropora discovered on the Fluval Sea Flores Expedition
GHL’s new Powerbar 5.1, smaller and updated

4th generation RealReef rock looks virtually identical to wild live rock

Real Reef is getting really good at this hand-made reef rock game, with their fourth generation rock looking almost identical to real live rock. We got a sneak peek at the new Real Reef Rock at InterZoo and if hadn’t been for the signage, we would have thought that someone had placed some really nice Read More

Atlantik Pendant: Orphek working to develop the flagship LED in new form factor

The Atlantik Pendant is a new light slated to be released by Orphek at MACNA. The Orphek Atlantik Pendant is powered with the same assortment of LEDs as their flagship tablet-shaped Atlantik reef aquarium fixture. The Atlantik Pendant can crank up to 110 watts which are controlled via four channels and wireless connection just like Read More

Get your aquatics event on Reef Builders

One of the largest requests we receive here at Reef Builders is local clubs, societies and other groups to post their events on the home page. Starting today you can. Reef Builders events is a new collection of all of the aquatics industry events in one convenient place. To add your event you’ll need to Read More

Blue mimic anemone makes an impressive duplicate of Acropora digitifera

Unless they are hosting clownfish or somewhat reef-safe, Anemones don’t get a fair share of attention in the aquarium world. But things could be different if we saw more mimic anemones like this wonderful blue Phyllodiscus semoni which we sighted on the Fluval Sea Flores Expedition. This blue mimic anemone was all alone on a dynamited Read More

Walt Smith doubles down on sustainability with ReefRock and ReefProject2.0

ReefRock is a new handcrafted aquarium aquascaping material from ReefProject2.0, a new effort from Walt Smith Incorporated. ReefProject aims to establish a more direct approach to sustainability and opportunity for coastal island communities by not only focusing on making the finest man-made rock possible, but also employing the very people who live near, and are stewards Read More

The second unknown Acropora discovered on the Fluval Sea Flores Expedition

One of the most exciting outcomes we could have hoped for on the Fluval Sea Flores Expedition is to encounter some corals that have never been seen before. Early on we observed not one but two species of Acropora the likes of which we have never seen in person or documented with photographs. We already told you about Read More

BioTek Marine now offering a line of handmade ceramic reef rock

Aquarium Specialty’s Biotek Marine line just added a catalog of ceramic reef rock in a variety of shapes and sizes. The Biotek Marine Ceramic rocks come in three basic types, a ceramic cave rock, a ceramic shelf rock, and a sculptured rock which includes structural elements of the two previous rocks with an assortment of Read More

Rich Pyle’s tale of spotting the elusive Golden Angelfish in the wild

We’ve been keenly watching the Bishop Museum’s research blog with Rich Pyle & Friends recounting all kinds of cool stories about their deep diving in Pohnpei. In addition to sharing their observations about diving to 300 feet and below, there’s plenty of time spent in shallower depths decompressing and one of the most recent ascents Read More

Smooth-On epoxy putty instruction video builds a sweet overflow cover

Smooth-On has been making inroads into the aquarium hobby for some time now with innovative ways for aquarists to sculpt and create their own aquarium structures. But their newest effort to encourage full wraparound structure to cover an overflow box is their most ambitious and exciting yet. The Smooth-On overflow cover kit consists of a Read More

Potential new species of seahorse collected in New Zealand

An unknown seahorse has been discovered in the shallow coastal waters of New Zealand. During recent surveys using a beam trawl, researchers collected this unidentified species of seahorse from New Zealand’s Northland Islands. The small brown Syngnathid is just about 3cm long but it having been the only such specimen collected, it is unknown whether this Read More