giant-staghorn-corals-jake-1 Giant staghorn corals so big they make you feel small There are staghorn acros and then there are STAGHORN corals! It is astounding to see the massive size that some species can reach in their preferred habitat amnd stumble upon the kinds of gargantuan ship-grounding sizes the colonies and their branches can reach. We know how fast “aquarium” staghorns can grow and while it is
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The Ebeye Special Acro – a new ‘shortcake’ from Kwajalein Atoll
Reef Octopus Prime skimmer is a near-perfect clone of the Vertex Omega

Atlantik Compact debuting at Reefapalooza Orlando next week

The Atlantik Compact LED is Orphek’s first departure from their standard rectangular light fixture since the company began selling LED lights. Based on the innovative Orphek Atlantik V2, pictured above, the Atlantik Compact is about half the size with the same dual chip LEDs, wifi control and a bevy of LED colors including the phosphor-enhanced Read More

PJ Reefs is pushing the boundaries of miniature reef ‘aquariums’

PJ Reefs is a new enterprise who’s Kickstarter campaign we featured a little over a year ago. In that time the little LED-lit reef jars have almost been shipped to all of its backers and this past weekend in Southwest Florida we had the opportunity to see these novel miniature reef creations in person. On Read More

Note to self: Don’t stare into a UV lamp

Although it can seem pretty innocuous, your UV sterilizer can potential be harmful and care should be taken to protect yourself whenever you are working around a UV bulb. Chalk this up as a lesson learned the hard way for one hobbyist in Singapore who was partially blinded after light exposure from when he was Read More

Two-face masterpiece Scolymia looks both ways

It’s been a little bit since we reported on a Scolymia australis nice enough to be post-worthy but after a long absence, Frag Junky gets the honorable mention for their two-faced masterpiece scolymia. A “Masterpiece Scoly” is among the best of the best, incorporating features of ‘UFO Scolies’ which display a black ring and an even Read More

From the Archives: Think outside the box with 115 gallon reef bowls

Dave Lackland’s write up on his unique 100 gallon reef bowls four years ago has been one of our most popular stories since it was first shared more than four years ago. We have recently learned that Dave is relocating to the Caribbean and had to let go of his supersized reef bowls. It was Read More

Coral-Shop RANN nitrate reducing inoculation chamber

RANN is Coral-Shop’s clever new take on keeping aquariums healthy and low of nutrients using a combination of familiar nitrate exporting techniques. The RANN system consists of three parts, CS NitraClean which is a bacterial food & supplement, ANN 905 BioCat which is an inoculated biological substrate and the Innoculation chamber for holding and tumbling Read More

Is global warming creating zombie fish?

It almost sounds like a premise for the next SyFy movie, as timid fish go from prey to predators. A recent report has found ocean acidification is changing the behavior of some fish on a remote South Pacific reef as some fish are now more fearless thanks to an increased CO2 levels. The research team have noted Read More

Precious video of Ball’s Pyramid shows rare footage of Chaetodontoplus ballinae in the wild

Chaetodontoplus ballinae is a dichromatic beauty of legendary proportions, documented based on two trawler specimens off the deepwater Australian coast in the late 50s and 80s. One of the rarest and least known of the Chaetodontoplus genus, this angelfish is known only from few locations off Lord Howe Island. Needless to say, the fish is Read More

Pseudanthias calloura makes an unexpected resurgence after a long hiatus

Pseudanthias calloura is widely known for its rarity as well as its beauty. It’s scarcity in the trade has promoted this species to the top of many wish lists, only to bring disappointment to said list makers. Commonly known as the Aurora anthias, P. calloura is always rare and has only appeared a handful of Read More

Porites coral dominates certain zones of Marshall Island reefs

Porites is among one of the first coral groups the budding stony coral reefers learn to identify but as recognizable as this genus is, Porites is much more ubiquitous on wild reefs than it is in our aquariums. Around the world Porites corals make up a big percentage of the coral cover found on certain reefs, and this Read More