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Hydor USA files complaint against Jebao with U.S. International Trade Commission

Sadly Chinese knockoffs of aquarium products perpetuates our industry. Sure it brings in some more affordable products, but the downside is the loss of revenue against patented products for the true innovators in the industry. Hydor USA is now drawing the line in the sand with Jebao in regards to the mounting design of Jebao’s line of … Read More

Reef Builders Indonesia Travelogue – Bali Aquarium Serangan Coral Farm

Staring out to sea only a few short kilometers from the hustle and bustle of Denpasar Indonesia, it would be easy to miss what is going on beneath the surface of the water. Above you would notice surfers paddling out to crashing waves, or fishermen wading out at low tide, but below what you might … Read More

Introducing the [QUDOS] action video light for GoPro

The [Qudos] action light is a new GoPro accessory light made by Australia lighting manufacturer Knog. Qudos is designed for action sports enthusiast especially those who want to push the boundaries when the sun goes down. The light is fully submersible up to 40m (131 feet) and offers 70-400 lumens of light from three Cree … Read More

Red Sea Reefer XL just announced with wider dimension

The Red Sea Reefer XL are two new sizes of tanks to the Reefer line of nearly all in one tanks that were announced earlier this year. The Red Sea Reefer XL will come in two new sizes, a 425 liter/112 gallon size and a 525 liter/139 gallon size. The new Reefer XL 425 and Reefer … Read More

These Friday deals will make you slap your caudal fin

We started the tradition six years ago bringing you a heaping helping of Black Friday deals and this year is no different. In fact, we took the pulse of our readers to get an eye on what they are looking for and what they are looking to spend this year. There are plenty of retailers … Read More

Navigobius vittatus from Brunei is the newest species of Dartfish

Navigobius vittatus is a new species of deepwater dartfish that has just been described from specimens collected around Borneo. Navigobius dewa kicked off this exciting genus of dartfish several years ago and since then, several more undescribed species of these goby like fish have been discovered from the Philippines to the Maldives. Like the shallower water … Read More

Breaking: Petco gets bought out by PE firm and Canadian pension

Petco’s parent company, Petco Holdings Inc. has apparently struck a deal with private-equity firm CVC Capital Partners Ltd. and a Canadian pension to buy Petco for around $4.6 billion. The Wall Street Journal had reported Sunday that the companies and the fund were close to a deal and reported the deal earlier today. Petco, which … Read More

Reef Builders Indonesia Travelogue: Tulamben, Bali

Indonesia is the heart of coral reef diversity and an important source for marine aquarium animals. Reefbuilders is on location in Bali, central Indonesia, and over the next two months we will be saturating ourselves with coral, fish, and reef knowledge to share with all of you. … Read More

A perfect colony of Acropora cophodactyla in Tulamben, Bali

Acropora corals are clearly some of the successful corals on natural reefs, and the most popular corals in home aquariums. Their diversity of color, colony shapes, patterns and textures all come together to give these reef building corals an unrivaled appeal. If there’s one thing that truly gets lost in translation from the wild corals on … Read More

Royal Exclusiv Dreambox now with Closed Loop built-in

Reef aquarium sumps are getting nicer every year and Royal Exclusiv hasn’t been resting on their laurels. Royal Exclusiv kicked off the high performance sump arms race with their Dreambox and now you can get it with a ‘Closed Loop’ option. When we think of a closed loop the first thing that comes to mind … Read More