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Follow along on this incredible expedition of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands

Research divers get to see amazing sights below the surface, but there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes to make it all possible. Thanks to Richard Pyle, we are able to follow along on an exciting expedition of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands on the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum blog. Pyle is joined by … Read More

CalcFeeder Pro is a new automatic calcium reactor from Pacific Sun

The CalcFeeder Pro is a brand new design in calcium reactor technology that should make it much easier and reliable to dissolve calcium carbonate aragonite media. The CalcFeeder Pro takes the basic concept of the DaStaCo calcium reactor and improves everything about it in terms of design, reliability and especially cost. First of all, instead of … Read More

Aqamai KPS is a tiny controllable propeller pump from Hydor

The Aqamai KPS is great new small controllable water pump and we can’t wait to use it in our smaller tanks. Hydor has gone and made the most adorably small and controllable propeller pump and they’ve done it right. Not only is the Aqamai KPS really small, it is wirelessly controllable with any mobile phone, … Read More

Watch this video to see the crazy things the Lupyled can do

We knew the Lupyled was going to be one groundbreaking LED light when we saw it. But nothing could have prepared us for playing a quick game of centipede with the LEDs of the light using the included app. Nor were we ready to see the word REEF spelled out in any color we liked, … Read More

Seachem Tidal power filter, made by Sicce

The Tidal Power Filter is the first ever filter by Seachem, and it’s being made by Sicce in Italy. The Seachem Tidal filter will be available in three sizes with a full set of modern features that makes this one of the first real power filters designed from the ground up in this decade For a … Read More

Aqamai LRM LED is the first light fixture from Hydor

The Aqamai LRM is a new LED light and the first real lighting fixture from aquarium veteran, Hydor. The sleek Aqamai LRM is made of all metal construction with a sleek carbon fiber top panel, and powered by two clusters of various LED colors. The wirelessly controlled Aqamai is the first product from Hydor which … Read More

Prodibio Pure Ocean expert reef salt

Pure Ocean is the name of Prodibio’s new seawater salt mix. Rather than make a whole range of salts, Prodibio bills Pure Ocean as an Expert Reef Salt which is ideal for all fish, corals and invertebrates. Pure Ocean is made from a base of refined natural salts, and then enriched to mix up a … Read More

First good look at the Lupyled’s field of light emitting diodes

We’ve been writing about the Lupyled light fixture for over a year now, and until today we still hadn’t seen how this promising light is built. Well the speculation ends now as we’ve finally gotten a look at this very unique light fixture in real life. The build quality of the Lupyled is nothing short of … Read More

Syncra Advanced; Sicce made their best pumps even better

The Syncra Advanced is the next generation of centrifugal water pumps from Sicce, one of the long time leaders in water pump technology. Not to be confused with the new controllable Sicce Syncra SDC water pumps, the Syncra Advanced is quite possible one of the best AC water pumps ever made for the aquarium hobby. The new … Read More

Tunze Smart Controller 7000 will be able to manage the entire aquarium

The Smart Controller 7000 is Tunze’s first foray into a fully fledged aquarium controller. Tunze has made many multicontrollers over the years to independently control various pumps and lights, but this is the first time the company has offered up a complete aquarium controller. The Tunze Smart Controller 7000 has sensors for temperature and pH, four … Read More