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Hundreds of Manatees shut down Crystal Springs in Florida

The United States Fish & Wildlife Service were forces to temporarily shut down part of Florida’s Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge after nearly 300 manatee gathers in the warm waters of the Three Sisters Springs forcing out swimmers and kayakers. The spring was expected to open again on Tuesday but remained closed when the manatees … Read More

New species of green star polyps, Briareum cylindricum

Star polyps, green star polyps, brown star polyps, whatever you call them, are one group of corals that we don’t appreciate nearly enough. Nine out of ten reefers couldn’t tell you the scientific name of this important aquarium coral, or tell you how many different species there are. Reefers might take green star polyps for … Read More

Fun graphic shows difference between a royal gramma and a royal dottyback

In the world of tropical reef fish, there are numerous examples of convergent evolution, where unrelated and widely separated fish develop the same color and shape. The similarity between some cases of convergent evolution can be so similar between these fishes. Starcki damselfish and resplendent angelfish are both blue, oval-shaped fish with a yellow back. Narcosis angelfish … Read More

Bounce Shrooms all start out as really nice Rhodactis

Bounce Shrooms and Mushroom Mania in general is taking the reef aquarium hobby by storm. Not since zoanthids has a soft coral captured the collective collectoritis that is gripping the high end coral frag market in the U.S. today. To be clear, very few of the bubbly Rhodactis, even the top shelf rainbow bullseye mushrooms, are anywhere … Read More

Neptune Systems drops the price of the DOS to $299

The Neptune Systems DOS dual dosing pump has been on the market for a little over a year and in that time it has changed the paradigm of what a dosing system can be. Beefy stepper motorsmotors, thick peristaltic tubing, solid hose connections and of course, the remote-controllability through Apex Fusion is a huge bonus. The last … Read More

First Odontanthias randalli collected in South Java

Randall’s deepwater anthias first came to our attention a scant five years ago when the Original description of Odontanthias randalli was published. With that intro of the new anthias species, all we got was one lousy picture of a very colorful fish. Since Randall’s deepwater anthias is far only documented from Lombok fish markets where it is caught … Read More

JBJ’s rimless desktops hit the All In One sweet spot

The JBJ Rimless Desktop all in one nano tanks really caught our attention at the fish store the other day. JBJ has been releasing a litany of different small all in one tanks for many years, trying to see what sticks, but we have a hunch that their new Rimless Desktop series will be a hit. … Read More

Homophyllia steals bowerbanki and hillae away from Acanthastrea

Homophyllia bowerbanki is the new name for both corals we once called Acanthastrea hillae and A. bowerbanki. Amid the reshuffling of Micromussa lordhowensis and Australophyllia wilsoni into their new respective categories, the new analysis now places the corals once known as Hillaes and ‘Bankis into the same genus os our beloved Australian “Scolymia”. Last year Scolymia … Read More

ASM Skimmers are unsung heroes of protein skimming

The ASM Protein skimmer is one helluva protein skimmer which has earned its day in the spotlight. All Seas Marine (ASM) started offering the ASM skimmers in the early 2000s and despite their lack of new tricks, they can still skim protein with the best of them today. We’ve had wave after wave of new … Read More

A perfect pico reef tank at Elite Reef

With a small reef tank, pico reefs being the lower limit, the aquarist has to pay very careful attention to what animals are introduced, how quickly temperature and salinity can change, and especially, to monitor water chemistry which can rapidly change. This is why when we see a perfect pico reef tank we take note and … Read More