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Labor Test: Fauna Marin launches its mail-in water testing service

The Labor Test is Fauna Marin’s answer to the growing popularity of mail-in water tests, especially the elemental diagnostics provided by ICP pioneer, Triton Lab. In stark contrast to the Triton double-vial water testing envelope, the Fauna Marin Labor Tests come in a plastic box, containing sampling devices, several water containers and two tiers of … Read More

HydroClear & HydroClear XP, pre-rinsed activated carbon & GFO

HydroClear and HydroClear XP is Two Little Fishies’ new pre-rinsed and pre-packaged chemical media filtration products. Both media bags help to create clear and colorless water which is beneficial for the health of the aquarium corals, fish and invertebrates, and helps to promote a lower nutrient environment for the general well-being of the entire aquarium. There … Read More

Terelabrus flavocephalus, third candy hogfish finally gets described

Terelabrus flavocephalus is the newest species of hogfish to be described and added to the growing family of the ever popular marine wrasses. This third species of candy hogfish has been known from the Indian Ocean, Maldives to be precise, for many years now and its official description ties up the few loose ends we … Read More

First look at the huge 440 LED Dense Matrix Array for the Kessil A2000

The Kessil A2000 really took us by surprise when it was first shown off at the Regional Aquarium Workshop earlier this year. It’s not that Kessil made a bigger light which took us off guard, but that they made one so big as the Kessil A2000, and now we’ve got our first look at the heart … Read More

Sueviota bryozophyla is a new goby from Indonesia that loves bryozoans

Sueviota bryozophyla is a new species of dwarf goby with a peculiar proclivity for bryozoans. The ghostly white Sueviota bryozophyla is distinguished from the multitudes of new Eviota species for among other things, having very pronounced and elongated nasal tubes. Better known as ‘moss animals, you may not be familiar with bryozoans in our aquariums … Read More

GHL Magnetic Stirrer unlocks even more potential of the Doser 2

Magnetic stirrer bars are a new accessory from GHL which work directly in tandem with the company’s highly versatile Doser 2 peristaltic dosing system. The Magnetic Stirrer plugs directly into the back of the GHL Doser 2, corresponding with each of the four channels of fluid dosing. Why would you want Magnetic Stirrers for your fluids … Read More

ZooMed introduces Can O Cyclops food for corals and small fish

Can O’ Cyclops is a new canned food from ZooMed which is packed with juicy small copepods. The Cyclops are a genus of freshwater copepods which range in size from 500 to 1000 microns (0.5 to 1mm) in size and are an ideal food for small fish and corals. The canning process used to preserve the … Read More

Skilter hybrid protein skimmer & power filter is coming back!

The Skilter combination power filter and protein skimmer is a fabled aquarium object that is sure to pull on the heartstrings of the old salts still reefing today. Despite being introduced nearly 20 years ago, the Skilter has never really been duplicated, even though more than a decade has passed since this unique device was … Read More

Dominican Reef, a community for Santo Domingo Reefers

This week we will be traveling through the Dominican Republic documenting Caribbean corals and visiting reef projects around the island. Yesterday we had the opportunity to meet with Jhon H. Morató who runs @Dominican Reef, a reef shop in the capitol city of Santo Domingo. Dominican Reef was founded just over a year ago and … Read More

Magnetic Diffusers for the Kessil AP700 revealed by Kessil at Reefapalooza

The Kessil Magnetic Lenses we saw at Reefapalooa Orlando turned out not to be lenses at all, but rather a nifty add-on magnetic diffuser. These ‘Diffusion Opticals’ as Kessil calls them are made of a translucent glass encased in a soft rubbery material that is attached to the Kessil AP700 through built-in magnets. The magnetic diffusers … Read More