September 5 2008,

We got a video of the new Solaris I5 LED aquarium lighting unit. This I5 is the newer and updated model from the older I4 model. Specific features that were changed are: (1)Made in USA with LEDs produced from Phillips Lumileds that are manufactured in Malaysia. (2)  LEDS were changed from 25 K2 driven at 1000ma to 30 Rebels driven at 800 ma. (3) Drive circuit has been changed to monitor and control both current and voltage.  (Patent Pending). (4) Power Supply Manufacturer has been changed and installed in a larger enclosure and drives at 24V DC. (5) All Chinese hand soldered control board, distribution boards, and LED boards have been changed to surface mount machine wave soldered in USA. (6) All mounting hardware has been changed to black oxide covered Stainless Steel. (7)  Fan Guards are now cut into end plates for a better look and eliminate rust potential.(8)  LCD display has been updated and has a blue background. (9) All wiring is contained in internal wire holder. Click the read link for more…

10.  Acrylic Lens is designed for easy removal for cleaning.

11.  USA designed packaging for UPS approved shipping.

12.  All units are UPC labeled.

13.  All circuit boards have latching quick disconnects for easy assembly and secure connections when shipping.

14.  100% testing and burn in for 48 hours.

The new I5 series produces PAR light output levels equal to a 400W MH 15k. It uses 40% less energy than the 400W MH 15k fixtures it replaces. The life of the LEDs is approximately 50,000 hours, so it almost eliminates metal halide and fluorescent bulb replacements. All heat is radiated up and away from the tank; therefore, it does not heat the water like Metal Halides or Fluorescents. This eliminates the need for Chillers. The room air conditioner needs to work ½ as much since the light fixture produces only ½ the heat of Metal Halides which saves even more energy over traditional lighting methods.

There is a built in microprocessor that controls the I5 series Solaris. This not only eliminates timers, but it allows the unit to dim the actinic blue LEDs, white LEDs, Lunar actinic blue LEDs and Lunar White LEDs independently from 0-100%. This dimming capability opens many opportunities. The light can be adjusted from 6.5K to 22K, or anywhere in between, to set the ideal color temperature. Sunrise, Daylight, Cloud Cover, Sunset, and the lunar cycle, can all be set independently.

Coral Growth has been outstanding with the new lights. There is excellent water penetration of the light.


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