March 26 2009,


You know, we’ve seen more than a handful of small gem tangs but the cost/desire ratio just hasn’t made us want one. However, now that we’ve seen these pics from a Just Rare Fish of what a full blown adult could like, we take that back 100%! This jumbo Zebrasoma gemmatum appears to be about 7 inches long and almost as tall. The gem tang is a highly coveted fish which is exported from the isolated island of Mauritius in very low numbers. Up until about a year ago the gem was extremely rare in the marine aquarium hobby but there have been more steady imports of this singular fish over the last 12 months. If your Zebrasoma gemmatum envy has kicked into full gear, LiveAquaria has had a couple of a Gem Tangs listed for several months now, $2400 plus shipping will get you this rarity from Mauritius. Is it us or is the Jumbo Gem chilling in a $10 kiddy pool? Please Tom say it ain’t so! Hit the read link for a gem tang video and more pictures of the Jumbo Gem.

If you haven’t seen it already, here’s a one-of-a-kind video of juvie gem tangs right after being added to their holding tanks at House of Fins and a gallery of the jumbo Gem lower down. The pic of the gem tang in the wild is not the same fish as the Jumbo; it was spotted near Durban, South Africa by our pal Mark van der Wal.


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