July 19 2009,

lipogrammaRare fish specialists Blue Harbor are at it again with a fresh batch of beautiful bicolor basslets, Lipogramma klayi. These fish were caught on a special deep diving mission in Curacao which among the Lipogramma also targeted candy basslets. Although the bicolor basslet may look just like a small and slightly paler royal gramma (and it really looks a lot like it superficially), this Lipogramma species is very rarely seen as it lives at depths of over 200 feet or 80 meters. In addition to having a purple-faced yellow body, the bicolor Lipogramma has a few scattered purple spots along the body, greatly elongated pelvic fins and a strong lyretail which gives this fish more a fairy like appearance than the similar royal gramma. Rare deepwater fish such as this sell for very large sums of money and we expect this rare gem to sell for well over $1000 $2500. As usual, follow the break for more drool-worthy eye candy. Keep it up Blue Harbor!




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