February 2 2010,

The battery backup for Vortech water pumps has been available as an accessory almost as long as the MP40 has been on the market. However, the first Vortech battery backup was essentially a motorcycle battery in a box that was marketed and produced by IceCap Inc. All has been quiet on the battery backup front for several years until EcoTech announced today that they will be releasing a new, 2nd generation battery backup for Vortech pumps which is now designed and built in-house by EcoTech proper. Some upgraded internals should make the new power pack faster to charge and it should be better at supplying power to the Vortech line of water pumps during a power interruption. The $165 kit will now include two power cables for running more than one vortech pump, or for linking up the batteries in series for increased runtime while powering the Mp10, 20 or 40w Vortechs. The new backup will have a much longer lifespan due to some new charging techniques and from a fresh battery backup you can expect about 24hrs of runtime on an MP40w and just about 3 days from the MP10 and MP20 Vortechs. The battery backup will soon be available from your favorite Vortech vendors and we can expect to get a good look at the new Battery Backup from Ecotech Marine when they come to Denver for ReefStock. Full press release after the break.

In our quest to continually raise the bar for product excellence and customer experience, EcoTech Marine is delighted to announce the release of the all new EcoTech Marine Battery Backup. Thanks to our loyal and rapidly expanding customer base, EcoTech Marine continues to grow. Expanding our product line and in-sourcing its production and quality control is a natural step for us to take, and one we hope is embraced by the reefing community.
After an extensive period of engineering, the new EcoTech Marine Battery Backup is now shipping. “By bringing the Battery Backup accessory in-house, we can now better control the availability and final quality of this critical piece of reef tank insurance,” said Tim Marks, president of EcoTech Marine. “We thank IceCap for their support over the years and are pleased to take this step forward.”

The Battery Backup now comes with two spare cables, instead of just one, allowing you to backup multiple VorTech propeller pumps or link batteries together for more run time. Additionally, we are utilizing a  more powerful charger which allows for longer run-time, all while keeping the price for this accessory at its current level of $165 USD. Look for it at your favorite on-line retailers and local shops now.

Remember, it might take a typhoon to destroy a natural reef, but for our captive reefs it only takes a power outage.


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