August 11 2010,

The Bashsea Reef Fuel Reactor is a dual-chambered media reactor to efficiently keep your calcium, alkalinity and trace elements in harmony. Using cast acrylic to provide a more rugged unit than using extruded acrylic, the Reef Fuel reactor is hand-crafted in the U.S. and features plenty of union fittings to make access and maintenance simple. Similar to traditional calcium reactors, the Reef Fuel reactor uses CO2 to dissolve the calcium based media while the second chamber’s media buffers the effluent pH back up to proper levels, taking out the worry of low pH in the aquarium normally a concern with single-chamber C02 reactors.

With machined keyhole flanges and O-ring seals, access to the reaction chambers is simple and uses a micro ball valve to control the flow of effluent. The unit also features a large bubble counter to get your CO2 dialed right in. Using a water distribution plate, the reactor gives an even distribution of water eliminating channeling through the media.

The unit is available in 6 or 8 in. diameter tubes in primary chamber at either 18 or 24 in. height with a matching 4 in. diameter secondary chamber. In case you need something different, Bashsea will fully customize the Reef Fuel Reactor in any size and configuration to meet your specific needs. All units include a Blueline pump and natural coral calcium media but require separate CO2 equipment (CO2 canister, regulator, etc.) to operate. We weren’t able to dig up any pricing of the reactor but as soon as we hear more, we’ll pass it on.


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