April 27 2011,

The BioBubble is an interesting and versatile animal habitat which is convertible between aquarium, terrarium, small pets and mini greenhouse. The BioBubble might be neat but they’ve clearly overestimated the capacity of the puny air driven filter and underestimated the needs of live marine fish.

Apparently, the makers or marketers of the BioBubble didn’t get the memo that nano tanks should be stocked with nano fish. As you can see in these screenshots from the promotional video for the BioBubble, the marketers are suggesting that you can cram a flame angelfish, six clownfish and an anthias into what appears to be about five to ten gallons of water. Another clip shows not one but two spotted sweetlips swimming in the BioBubble, nevermind that this delicate fish can grow to well over two feet long.

Don’t get us wrong, the BioBubble does look really neat and it could be a very interesting nano reef tank for eviota or trimma gobies, or something like a pair of ornamental shrimp but even suggesting that any of the pictured fish are suitable for long term residence in what amounts to a fancy goldfish bowl is downright irresponsible. Furthermore, when used with saltwater the salt creep and calcium buildup would like render the telescoping sleeve mechanism difficult to seal. Thankfully, the reef aquarium community knows better than to inflict such animal cruelty but we worry about the kind of casual aquarium consumer who may get the wrong idea about the capabilities of the BioBubble.

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