June 6 2011,

We’ve been covering new and sensational giant clams for years but a recent crop of farm raised clams from Samoa has definitely gotten our attention. The stunning, jaw-dropping clams appeared at the German Extreme Corals and they have some elements of blue Tridacna squamosa, Tridacna ‘maxea’, and one of them takes the black and white maxima to a whole other level. We can’t help but wonder if these amazing Samoan clams have any connection to the high quality farm raised clams from Cook Islands, we’ve seen some great Cook Island clams but nothing yet like this.

Whether these sensational uniquely colored clams are the result of some intentional crosses may never be known but the clams definitely bear the hallmarks of farm-raising such as small size, uniform shape, completely intact scutes and next to no biofouling. Keep reading for a closer look at the stunningly colorful new clam varieties from Samoa.

This Samoan clam bears all the hallmarks of a Tridacna ‘maxea’ and it is flanked by a typical blue Tridacna maxima color morph that is often seen from Cook Islands.


This clam is mostly Tridacna squamosa but the blue speckled inner mantle is more often seen in Crocea and Maxima clams


This clam might be regarded as a blue squamosa but it also bears some features of a high quality blue maxima.



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