October 12 2011,

When the Red Sea Max S 500 was first spotted at InterZoo in Germany last year, we knew that it would be a long while until this model enjoyed the same global distribution as its predecessors the Red Sea Max 130 and 250. What we didn’t know is that the 135 gallon Red Sea Max 500 would be flanked by two additional models, the 110 gallon Red Sea Max S 400 and the 175 gallon Red Sea Max S 650.

With five different sizes in its arsenal, the Red Sea Max line of all-in-one reef aquariums is now the broadest in the industry with the newest and largest three models being also the most modern production AIO reef aquarium on the market. Thankfully now we also know how much the Red Sea Max S series aquariums will cost for Americans.

So you remember the pricing of the Red Sea Max S series for the UK market and the direct conversion of Great British Pounds to US Dollars? That was a doozy but the new actual pricing for the US aquarium market is actually a lot more palatable. The suggested retail price of the Red Sea Max S 400 will cost $3,799, the Red Sea Max S 500 is listed at $4,299 and the Red Sea Max S 650 is $4,799.

The cost of a full blown reef aquarium set up has come down quite a bit in recent years, and once upon a time you could have spent half the cost of the top-of-the-line Red Sea Max S 650 on the lighting alone, only to get a handful of mogul base halides and six foot VHO tubes. Some of the first few units of the Red Sea Max S reef tanks have already been sold to a handful of retailers who should be receiving them in the coming weeks. If the launch of the Red Sea Max S series is anything like the RSM 250, we expect that Red Sea will be playing catch up with demand for them well into the end of the year.



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