February 21 2012,

Aquatic Culture is an Australian company making frag plugs that at least has themselves a kiln and some molds to make square frag plugs and square tiles. The smooth white ceramic frag plugs are the first of their kind to be mass produced in Australia and we hope it could lead to a spike in coral propagation in the land down under.

America’s been frag-crazy for almost ten years now and we have every kind of frag base you could think of including aragonite bases, ceramic, resin and plastic frag mounts, recessed discs for encrusting corals, plugs with screw bases, frag-a-rack, more frag racks, frag stationsfrag trees, more frag treesfrag hexagons and even frag bases with RFID tags, but this may be the first square frag plugs we’ve seen mass produced. Just kidding, Alternative Reef did it already.

[Aquatic Culture]


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