April 13 2012,

The Rio X-Power pumps will soon be added to Taam’s stable of new and improved water flow devices joining the ranks of the Seio Wave Pump, Seio Surge Pump and the Mini Polario. Rio X-Power water pumps will come in five sizes and ten models, the Rio 2XP, 3XP, 4XP, 6XP, 8XP, 10XP, 12XP, 14XP, 17XP & 20XP with flow rates from 190 to 1,370 gallons per hour. The biggest apparent change to the Rio X-Power is a redesigned vortex impeller assembly but for the most part it closely resembles the Rio Hyper Flow pumps. It is unclear what role the X-Power water pumps are supposed to serve since they seem to consume more power than their Hyper Flow counterparts. Perhaps the exclusion of Neodymium in the impeller will shave some cost from the final price of Rio X-Power water pumps. [Taam]


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