April 16 2012,

ORA Pink Stylo, Stylophora pistillata

The ORA Pink Stylo, Stylophora pistillata is back in action after a long leave of absence from ORA’s stocklist. Stylophora pistillata as a species is highly variable in growth form with strains like the ORA purple stylo aka ‘Milka Stylo‘ growing thick upright branches and the ORA green stylo growing medium sized branches that branch infrequently. By contrast the ORA Pink Stylo has thin branches which can grow into tight mini colonies with bulbous tips.

Stylophora pistillata has the potential for exceptional color, and the ORA Pink Stylo can be bright magenta in high light to deeper pink color in moderate light. There are various other strains of Stylophora pistillata which are frequently imported as wild and maricultured colonies but if you are looking for the best combination of color and growth form, you probably can’t do much better than the ORA Pink Stylo. [ORA]


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