April 18 2012,

Fish Tank Kings has just released the first few clips of their forthcoming aquarium reality TV show and we’re liking what we see. The new TV show produced by Nat Geo Wild features the professional aquarium installations of the esteemed Living Color aquarium company and the format of the show is likely to be much better received than some of the initial reactions from Tanked. Gone are comics cracking jokes about fish while holding them with their bare hands out of water and instead, Fish Tank Kings takes a much more serious and respectful tone towards marine life.

In one of the clips, Living Color’s resident fish geek Francis talks at length about the specifics of different large aggressive fish and how to carefully stock a predatory marine fish tank to avoid a bloodbath. In the second segment a buyer for Rainforest Cafes comes to Living Color’s coral insert manufacturing location. In his visit the buyer expresses his distaste for the cartoony appearance and color of many of the corals and inserts, coloring us suprised that Rainforest Cafe would prefer a more natural looking artificial reefscape.

Our first impression of Fish Tank Kings is altogether positive, so far it looks like Living Color is truly representing the real reefers and aquarists in a much more positive and realistic light, and we will be looking forward to the premier Saturday May 12th on NatGeo Wild.


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