November 28 2012,

The Vertex Illumina is already a great LED fixture with a lot of color options, and some pretty cool software to boot, but the fixture just got even better with a new multicolor auxiliary (AUX) LED module. For those of you not familiar with the term, the Vertex Ilumina LED fixtures are designed contain several changeable panels (or modules) which each contain several diodes. Depending on your configuration and the length of your fixture you’ll usually have several assorted blue/white modules and one or two AUX (auxiliary) modules with previously either Red, Green or UV LED. Those single color AUX modules are now also available in a multi color variation with Red, Green, Warm White, NUV(Upper UV-A range), Violet, and Indigo-Violet all on one panel.

Although the new AUX module offers six colors, the three UV/violet LEDs are grouped into one channel, resulting in a total of four color channel control. Thus the Vertex Illumina will now offer up to 7 channels and 9 different LED types/ colors, with eight of those colors controllable through the firmware. For their green and red LEDs Vertex decided to go with Cree XPE, while for the Warm White Cree XT-E’s are used, and for the UV/Violet colors Seoul Semi LEDs were chosen. For those of you interested in the full specs they will be the following:

  • Red – 2 Diodes: Cree XPE– 625nm — 87 lm/w driven @ 700mA
  • Green – 1 Diode: Cree XPE– 520nm — 100 lm/w driven @ 750 mA
  • Warm White – 1 Diode: Cree XTE– 3500K — 114 lm/W driven @ 1000Ma
  • NUV(Upper UV-A range) – 1 Diode: Seoul Semi SemiLED 390nm — 280mW Driven @ 700mA
  • Violet – 1 Diode: Seoul Semi SemiLED — 405nm — 280mW Driven @ 700mA
  • Indigo-Violet – 2 Diodes: Seoul Semi SemiLED — 420nm — 320mW Driven @ 700mA

Exact release date is currently unknown, but expect the new Vertex Illumina AUX Module to become available before Christmas.


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