February 11 2013,

The Blue Squamosa clam was once the holy grail of Tridacna giant clams, virtually never seen in the aquarium world until a trickle of specimens began to be imported earlier last year. The first few handfuls of the blue squammies were are very similar in appearance, with completely clean shells indicative that these specimens were captive bred, intentionally farmed for their beauty and color.

The trickle of blue Tridacna squamosa turned into a steady stream of the coveted blue giant clams to the degree that these clams were now available from any good card-carrying marine life dealer. Now it seems that the giant clam farm from where the blue squammies were made has decided to open up the floodgates, allowing for the blue squamosa clam to be sold for the unbelievably low price of one hundred dollars.

To be clear, it’s only the smallest blue squamosa clams around two inches in length that are retailing for $99 at Old Town Aquarium in Chicago, and larger specimens can add as much as $100 per inch but what was once a rarity is now a whole lot more affordable and available on the broader aquarium scene.

The lowered price of the blue squamosa clam does not at all affect their popularity, as we expect a whole legion of reefers to jump on getting some blue squammies of their own. So in the future we might expect to see lots and lots of jumbo giant blue Tridacna squamosa living and live-filtering the reef aquariums all across the country, and indeed the world.



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