March 26 2013,

The StarkLED Flare strip lights are some really cool fixtures we first highlighted because of their great modular appeal, but it turns out however these fixtures have another major thing going for them: some serious building quality. Constructed out of aluminum, anodized and then power coated in Stealth Grey, these strip lights are pleasing to the eye. All the LEDs are deeply embedded in a thick layer of resin as well, which really gives the fixture a finished and well polished look. Really just look at the pictures, this strip light is just beautiful.

The StarkLED Flare uses ten high powered 3 watt LEDs consuminga total  25 watts at 700mA, and forgoes secondary lenses. The LED Strip lights are available in six colors including: MarineWhite, MarineBlue, Cool White, White and RoseGold. The MarineWhite LED strips rocks six 14k white LEDs along with four 460nm~480nm Blue LEDs,  the Marine Blue rocks five 460~480nm Blue LEDs and five 440~460nm Royal Blue LEDs, and the Cool White rocks ten 14k LEDs. The White and Rose gold use ten 60oo Kelvin LEDs, and five 660~680nm Red LEDs in combination with five 14k white LEDs respectively.

The Modularity of the StarkLED Flare is the other major strength of the LED light, especially since it is pretty basic to setup. Strips are simply connected with a included brackets and a couple screws, and can be attached in any direction you’d like. As a result you can create really long single strips, double bars or even rectangles to supplement your main lighting. If you ever needed more or less light in the future you can furthermore easily change your setup. The fixtures are additionally specifically build so that two strips form a three foot light, three strips form a four foot light, and four strips form a six foot lights.

For more info on the fixtures head over the the StarkLED website.


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