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Calan-Eeze Review: a Nano-Krill for all Aquarium Fish and Corals

Calan-Eeze is a new freeze dried offering from Two Little Fishies which is an ideal size for many species of fish, corals and invertebrates. Frozen Calanus copepods have become increasingly available to aquarists, especially in frozen form, but Calan-Eeze is the first product to provide a large quantity of these pods in a more affordable and … Read More

Rossmont Waver Review: A New Standard of Value in Propeller Pumps

Rossmont is a new company out of Italy that has been plugging away at making a new line of propeller pumps for aquariums. For the last couple of years, Rossmont has been happy to make no-frills but very modern-level propeller pumps which move decent water at a fair price, but overall don’t stand out in … Read More

AquaMaxx NemoLight LED review Pt 2, how it looks over corals

The NemoLight LED from AquaMaxx is an attractive and affordable light fixture which was recently released in several sizes. To reach a balance between form, function and cost, the NemoLight is not the brightest or most fully featured light you can get, but this is one light you wouldn’t mind using for shallow or medium … Read More

Coralife LED Aqualight S review

The Coralife LED Aqualight S is a new aquarium LED light with an elegant form factor and many desirable features. The simple sleek LED Aqualight S shares a lot in common with the Aqueon OptiBright Plus LED including the same housing, three channels of LEDs and colors and most importantly, the multi-purpose remote control. When we first … Read More

AquaMaxx NemoLight LED review Pt 1, unboxing this affordable aquarium light

The NemoLight LED is the first total lighting fixture from AquaMaxx. The AquaMarine flavor of the AquaMaxx NemoLight LED offers a complete lighting solution for small and shallow reef tanks, with a built in controller so that no other accessories are necessary to get the most from this sleek light. We got our hands on … Read More

The Fishbit is the future of aquarium controllers

Fishbit is an innovative new aquarium startup company that has been working for two years to bring to market a new kind of aquarium controller. The Fishbit system actually consists of two separate parts, a controller and a monitor, both of which are the easiest to use of any controller or monitor in the aquarium … Read More

Pro-Tein Clean Review: one of the most automatic skimmers to date

The Pro-Tein Clean protein skimmer is a new take on a pretty standard piece of reef aquarium quipment. We all know everything there is to know about protein skimmers, right? You pump water in, mix it with air and capture the foam – simple. Sounds like child’s play, and for the most part that’s what … Read More

Neptune WAV pump review: a shakeup of the way things have been

The WAV pump from Neptune Systems is the first big shakeup in powerful, controllable aquarium propeller pumps in way too many years. The last decade has seen a huge surge in the availability of water movers for the aquarium market. However the vast majority of these have been targeted at the smaller home aquariums, and … Read More

Flipper Max Review – A very strong magnet with flippy tricks

The Flipper Max is the third installment of the popular dual-sided algae magnet cleaner. We first heard of the follow up to the Flipper and Flipper Nano algae scrapers at MACNA in Denver and we’ve finally had a chance to put the Flipper Max through its paces. If you’re not familiar with the Flipper family … Read More

Smart ATO Micro review

The popularity of All-In-One, nano and pico tanks is still going strong from a few years ago. With the likes of Innovative Marine, RedSea and Advance Acrylics continuing to innovate on looks and function of all in one tanks, but they can lack a few key ” upgrades “. This is where AutoAquas new Smart … Read More