April 16 2013,

We love discovering new post-worthy aquariums and one German hobbyist and blogger has a elegant example of a healthy reef tank. Schwing’s Reef is 500 liter (132 US gallon) reef tank that is only 1 1/2 years old, yet has incredible growth and coloration. Although the owner started the tank sporting eight T5 bulbs, last month he upgraded to EcoTech Radion Pro LEDs and has posted this great video clip to show just how well the Radion Pros are adding more “pop” to the tank’s colors.

For the gadget geeks, Schwing does a great job laying out his parameters, equipment and regimen. Most of his system is powered by NYOS equipment but is using a pair of EcoTech Marine Vortech MP40w ES for flow. He even does a good job with the inside of the stand. Many of us have plenty of gadgets, sumps, and equipment packed in underneath our tanks with organization and presentation as an afterthought to function. Schwing’s stand takes advantage of every inch without looking too much like a Rube Goldberg illustration.

There are plenty of macro shots of the fish and corals over on Schwing’s with a few teasers below. Also check out the growth progress image in the gallery below, it is quite impressive.

[via iLoveReefing]


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