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Exclusive: Aqua Illumination is using freaking robots to measure light

If you’ve got a modern controllable LED reef aquarium light on the market, you can’t market it to savvy reefers without at least divulging some of the specific levels of light intensity. As well-informed reefers, we want to know the peak photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) at a set distance, as well as the the working area … Read More

Radion XR15w Pro hands-on and comparison with larger XR30w

The Radion XR15w Pro LED may be a smaller LED light from Ecotech Marine, but it’s still packing the whole suite of features which has made the Radion such a successful LED reef aquarium light. Priced at $449 for a single cluster you can think of the Radion XR15w as a high powered LED spotlight … Read More

Radion Mounting System is a sleek new light arm from Ecotech Marine

The Radion Mounting System or R.M.S. is Ecotech’s big announcement for InterZoo 2014 and if it were any other company, a mounting arm wouldn’t be much to write home about. Even in our first inlkings of this new release we may have let out an imaginary yawn but Ecotech’s design and manufacturing chops makes the … Read More

Ecotech Marine Radion & Radion Pro wins the 2013 LED Showdown

Congratulations to Ecotech Marine for winning their second Reef Builders LED Showdown for the year 2013. It’s been a long road getting through the whole year, with so many great new LED lights revealed in the last 12 months. Starting with 32 contenders in our annual vote-off bracket, the best lights in the marine aquarium … Read More

ReefLink review: Ecotech Marine’s wireless hub just works, well

The ReefLink by Ecotech Marine might be their smoothest working product to date. As part of the first wave of Beta testers, we have had the privilege of using a ReefLink since the end of August and we are incredibly thrilled with how trouble free the device has been. You may be asking yourself why … Read More

Ecotech Reeflink ‘controller for aquarium equipment’ supposed hub for Vortechs and Radions

ReefLink is the name of Ecotech Marine‘s new wireless hub of product or products discovered in a recent trademark filing. The documentation sniffed out by Reefs describes ReefLink as “Electronic controllers for aquarium equipment”, also of the programmable kind, offering some clue that the new device could be at the very least a bridge to … Read More

The corals in Schwing’s Reef tank are popping with Radion Pro LEDs

We love discovering new post-worthy aquariums and one German hobbyist and blogger has a elegant example of a healthy reef tank. Schwing’s Reef is 500 liter (132 US gallon) reef tank that is only 1 1/2 years old, yet has incredible growth and coloration. Although the owner started the tank sporting eight T5 bulbs, last … Read More

Radion XR30w Pro now available

After being teased with the Ecotech Marine Radion XR30w Pro LED fixture for the last few months, we were happy to hear it is finally available through Ecotech retailers and online. In 2011, the Radion hit the market and in 2012 we saw the new Radion XR30w Pro introduced around MACNA. This was definitely a … Read More

Radion XR30w Pro set to start shipping very soon at a lower price

We’ve recently uncovered some telling information that suggests EcoTech Marine is aiming to release the highly anticipated Radion XR30w Pro early. The Radion XR30w Pro was first announced right before MACNA, where it was first shown off, and despite being unavailable has been a hot subject of discussion among reef aquarium LED enthusiasts. Rumor has it that it … Read More

2nd generation Radion G2 coming soon with Cree XTE, lenses and $100 price drop

The Radion G2 will be Ecotech Marine’s refresh of the Radion XR30w to include TIR lenses, upgraded Cree XTE LEDs and a sizable price drop. Just a year after its introduction the venerable Radion LED light is already hitting the second generation mark. Ecotech Marine already announce the impressive Radion Pro with all of these … Read More