April 25 2013,

The makers of the Silverback Gorilla are touting that the new backup battery will keep a laptop running a full extra day but we have other applications in mind. With ports for outputing AC and DC power via conventional outlets and USB ports, there’s hardly an aquarium device you can’t plug into this thing.

There’s so many more DC powered aquarium devices nowadays that the 60,000 mAh could run a small DC prop pump for days! To make things even easier the Silverback Gorila battery has a switchable DC voltage output in the USB port of 5V, 8.4V, 9.5V, 12V, 16V, 19V, 24V while the AC output is standard 110V, 50-60Hz.

silverback-gorilla-2But the Silverback Gorilla battery is no dumb energy supply; there’s alarms for power connections, a readout of battery health and status as well as a readout of the remaining power in the beefy lithium ion cells. For $450 the Silverback Gorilla backup battery can run a laptop for a day but with the right frag swap setup, we bet the Silverback could run small LED strips, DC prop pump, charge your phone AND run your point-of-sale device for a single day at the frag swap. [Powertravellers via Gizmodo]



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