May 20 2013,

Giesemann has revealed the Matrixx II, the next generation purely T5 light from the famous German lighting designer. Taking a heap of inspiration from the incredibly suave Giesemann Teszla LED, the Matrixx II T5 light inherits the same enclosure, cooling system and of course those cool speaker grilles to cover the air vents.

Matrixx II giesemann-t5-2

LEDs may be all the rage, especially for the small to medium size tanks but where halides still rule the larger tanks in America, in Europe they are proudly employing T5 lights to create awesome aquariums. Of course the Matrixx II T5 light employs high end individual reflectors for each fluorescent tube.

The specially designed cooling system of the Matrixx II uses both passiv and active cooling with an all aluminum build that passively wicks away heat and a pair of built-in fans to help keep the lights running cool and bright.

Matrixx II giesemann-t5

The Matrixx II’s built in ballast is hidden within its very thin profile which is more like its Teszla counterpart at just 1.8 inches (45mm) thick. The Matrixx II comes with separate power cords for controlling two or three different circuits depending on the model and dimmable versions thereof are available on special request.

The high level design and build quality of Giesemann’s Matrixx II doesn’t come cheap but this is probably the top of the line T5 light is you are looking for a fixture that is purely fluorescent. Distribution of the Matrixx II in England will be handled by Reef Eden Int. which has prices listed for the T5 fixtures and accessories and we’ll have to wait and see about availability across the pond here in the Americas. [Giesemann via Reef Eden]Matrixx II giesemann-t5-4


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