June 10 2013,

We came across this upcoming LED controller from a startup called Coralux and needless to say the upcoming Coralux Storm and Storm X have piqued our interest, especially since we appreciate Arduino programmed devices. Right now these controllers are in beta to hammer out any programming issues and exploring production for mainstream release.

The difference between the Coralux Storm and Coralux Storm X is the ability to control 6 PWM (pulse width modulation) channels with 8-bit (256 level) resolution. The Storm X goes a step further with 16 channels of 12-bit (4096 level) resolution and has an auto-dimming screen.

The Storm has some nice features like sinusoidal sunset and sunrise, cloud dimming and lightning effects, and geolocated lighting. We look forward to see how this project progresses. Right now, the company is eyeing both products to be under $100 with a $30-35 difference between to the two products.


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